PHOTOS Zooey Deschanel on the red carpet at the Behind the Camera Awards

Zooey Deschanel lights up the red carpet

I’d like to thank Zooey Deschanel for brightening up my Monday morning with her happy-inducing countenance and “Walking on Sunshine” demeanor! I have no idea what the 4th Annual Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards are, but Zooey was there looking like her usual enlightened spritely self and that alone is story enough for me!

Here are some pictures almost sure to brighten up your office this Monday morning, just click on the thumbnails to see larger images in the gallery:

Photos: Juan Rico / Fame Pictures

Not familiar with Zooey Deschanel? P’shaw! You need to rush right out and pick up a copy of the forward-looking retro-inspired debut album from She and Him (She being Zooey and Him being the kang of alternatmospheric twang M. Ward.) titled Volume One! It’s great and fun! Here’s a video snippet of Zooey battling the Mondays:

Oh, and Zooey’s a great actress, too! Be sure to check her out in (500) Days of Summer! (And Elf and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and….)

(Yeah, I have a crush on Zooey. So what?)

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