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The Kilcher family’s adventures on Alaska: The Last Frontier take place in a remote section of southern Alaska dotted by mountains and bounded by pristine shores. In addition, the show makes mention of the nearby town of Homer, and of the Kilcher family homestead–but where exactly is the Alaska The Last Frontier homestead location?

Homer itself is located at the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula, and is perhaps best-known (other than being the approximate home base for the Kilcher family) as the western terminus of the US highway system. If you’re so inclined, you can drive to Homer from anywhere in the continental US without also needing a ferry or airplane to get there–meaning it’s one of the few towns in Alaska for which that’s true. The 5,000-person town boasts stunning natural beauty, close proximity to a number of state and national recreation areas, and a number of both conventional subdivisions and large homesteads. The Kilcher family’s homestead is located about twelve miles north of Homer, but does have a Homer mailing address:

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(By the by, the “Kilcher Homestead” on the map above is actually a rental cabin where fans of the show, or of Alaska in general, can stay. And the Kilcher family offers tours of their homestead; you can find booking information on the Alaska tourism website.)

According to the state Tax Assessor, the actual Alaska The Last Frontier homestead location is sandwiched more or less between East End Road and Kachemak Bay. To get to the 613-acre spread, you actually have to turn off of East End Road onto–you guessed it!–Kilcher Road, which then dead-ends on the property:

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In addition to the Kilcher homestead, the various members of the Kilcher family (and their trusts) own at least 22 other houses and pieces of property in the Kenai Peninsula, worth an estimated $2.4 million dollars.

Of course, one quick look around is all you need to agree that the family has a million-dollar view. Here’s a handful of Atz Lee’s nature photos to take us there:

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Finally,it's here.

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Someday I'll take a picture of a person instead, someday.

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Alaska: The Last Frontier airs Sunday nights at 9 PM on Discovery.

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(Photo credits: Alaska The Last Frontier homestead location via Instagram, Google Maps, Alaska Assessor’s Office)

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