PHOTOS from the 16 and Pregnant Season 4 reunion in New York City

Lindsey Harrison Katie Yeager Kristina Robinson from 16 and Pregnant Season 4

It’s still two days until MTV premieres its fourth season of 16 and Pregnant, but the network has already gotten all twelve girls together to tape a reunion special with Dr. Drew! The gals, most of the guys, and all the babies were in The Big Apple over the weekend where they got to meet each other for the first time. As you can imagine, there was an outpouring of excited tweets and pics from the weekend and I’ve compiled most all of them here for you!

In the photo above you can see Lindsey Harrison (model and former cage fighter), Katie Yeager (hers is one of the back-to-back premiere episodes), and Kristina Head (whose fiance drowned during filming). Katie tweeted the photo along with the caption, “Girls night :)”

Here’s the trio again striking a similar pose, only with the addition of Katie’s daughter Molli! This one was accompanied by the tweet, “New friends!”

16 and Pregnant Lindsey Harrison, Katie Yeager and her baby Molli, and Kristina Head

And here’s Briana Dejesus and her daughter Nova, or as Briana put it on Twitter, “At the hotel, relaxing with my monster!”

16 and Pregnant Briana Dejesus and her daughter Nova

One thing to note – There has been some debate as to whether or not Kristina Robinson has married (Some reports claim she wed on the 8th of March) or if she has only gotten a marriage license, but either way, she is using the last name of her fiance TJ and now goes by Kristina Head. Here’s a photo of Kristina and TJ Head together in New York City:

Kristina Head and rumored husband TJ Head from 16 and Pregnant Season 4

Kristina and TJ seem really happy together, which is amazing considering what she has gone through. Congratulations to them both – I’m sure their portion of the reunion special (as well as her entire episode) will be intensely emotional.

In addition to sharing pictures, some of the cast were actively tweeting throughout the weekend. Here’s a collection of some of the highlights in which it’s very apparent the girls really hit it off with each other – at least the ones active on Twitter anyway. The tweets read chronologically from top to bottom:

Tweets from the cast of 16 and Pregnant Season 4 from their New York City reunion weekend

(Be sure to check out our 16 and Pregnant Season 4 cast post with profiles of all twelve girls to be featured with brief bios and links to their Facebook and Twitter pages if applicable!)

And what’s a trip to New York City without bumping into a celebrity? As it turns out, the gals were staying at the same hotel as the youthful supergroup The Wanted and Briana’s sister Brittany got to take a picture with Nathan Sykes of the band!

The Wanted's Nathan Sykes and Brittany Dejesus, sister of Briana Dejesus of 16 and Pregnant

And here are the rest – if there are more we will add them at the bottom.

16 and Pregnant stars Katie Yeager and Kristina Robinson Head  16 and Pregnant Briana Dejesus' daughter Nova in NEw York City  16 and Pregnant Season 4's Briana Dejesus' daughter Nova at the airport

16 and PRegnant's Lindsey Harrison Katie Yeager  16 and Pregnant Kristina Robinson and son Lukas Todd  16 and Pregnant's Kristina Head

16 and Pregnant Hope Harbert's baby daddy Ben and son Tristan on an airplane  16 and Pregnant Hope Harbert riding in a New York City taxi cab  16 and Pregnant's Katie Yeager and her baby daddy Joseph "Joey" Maes

UPDATE – The girls have shared so many more photos that we had to create a whole new post! CLICK HERE to check out more pictures, including the Good Morning America appearance!

(One of our photo agencies is reporting that Jordan Howard, her son Chase, and baby daddy Tyler were involved in a car accident. It appears that no one was seriously injured, but there was a bit of a scuffle between one of the MTV crew members and a photographer who was videotaping the scene. We will update if we find out more.)