PHOTO Kim Zolciak grounds daughter Brielle for Snapchat butt photos of mom

Kim Zolciak butt photo Snapchat Brielle

Ever had that experience where you’re in the bathroom having a private conversation with your teenage daughter and discover later she was taking photos of your backside and posting them on Snapchat the entire time? Well, The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kim Zolciak-Biermann has!

Below is an example of one of the photos posted by her 17-year-old daughter Brielle of Kim’s Zolciakside which Brielle captioned, “when ur moms ass is fatter than urs.”

Kim posted the bootyful pic on instagram along with this account of what happened and the consequences for Brielle:

Sooooo I’m in MY bathroom trying on some clothes I just got talking with my sweet beautiful @briellebiermann and all the while she is taking pics and posting on SnapChat! THIS IS ONE OF THE PICS SHE POSTED! So my sweet Brielle is now grounded (she just got ungrounded last week) and now has no phone for a week!

#IDontHaveSnapChatSheThoughtIWouldNeverFindOut #IFindOutEverything #IDidLaughThough #SocialMediaStressesMeOut

Let’s hope that’s a lesson for you, Brielle, and that you badonkadon’t do it again! (Although many wouldn’t complain if you could get a few tighty whitey snaps of your pops Kroy. Just sayin’!)

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