PHOTO Katy Perry goes Alien Avatar while chillin’ with Kanye West

Katy Perry Alien Facebook photo

There are just so many things to love about this photo recently posted to Katy Perry’s Facebook page.  The obvious is Katy’s insane Alien / Avatar get-up.  If that’s what she looks like from the bewbs up, imagine what a device that fires projectiles from her breasts would have to look like to coordinate with that!?!  Also, Kanye’s got just the slightest hint of a grin.  He’s trying to keep it straight but we all know he’s keenly aware of what an absurd image this would produce.

As for the reason behind this insane get-up?  Well it’s for Katy’s upcoming video for her single “E.T.” of course.  Here is her comment via Facebook about the single and the music-video:

Here’s the song that will get your inner-Avatar grooving: