Catfish Season 4 preview trailer with Charlamagne Tha God, Tyler Oakley and more

Catfish logo season 4

MTV has just released the Catfish Season 4 preview trailer, and although the upcoming season will be without the grayt Max Joseph for a handful of episodes, it looks like viewers will have all the head-shaking drama and jaw-dropping surprises that got us all addicted over the first three seasons!

What’s a Catfish trailer without some great one liners?!? Man oh man! Here are some of my favorite from the clip:

“It’s sorta sketch in there.”

“Foot fetish?!?”

“This is a dangerous game she’s playing.”

“This could be the biggest family betrayal this show has ever seen.”

“The guy literally terrorized my entire life.”

Catfish Charlamagne Tha God quote Don't you follow no angry black man into they house!

“Don’t you follow no angry black man into they house!”

“You are married?”

“I’m having a heart attack!”

“The last thing we need is an assault charge.”

“Kiss my mother f***ing a**!!!”

“Now we don’t know what the hell’s coming out of that house.”

“This is it. Be prepared for anything man.”

Perhaps my least favorite quote was Nev explaining, “Max is in Los Angeles directing a movie with Zac Efron.” But they quickly made up for it with my favorite quote (well, except maybe Charlamagne Tha God’s angry black man comment) from Max: “I promise to come back.”

Although Max will be MIA for the five episodes, MTV has recruited an all-star cast of replacements, and even managed to somehow fill the void created by the departure of Max’s infamous gray hair with Tyler Oakley:

Catfish Max Joseph Tyler Oakley gray hair

Even Anderson Cooper couldn’t do as grayt a job of silver mane replacement! Well played MTV!

I’d also like to say how thrilled I am that Charlamagne Tha God is joining Nev on at least one adventure! His live tweets during episodes are always hilariously epic and even inspired me to pay tribute with a Catfish episode recap made entirely (pretty much) of his tweets when he took over the @MTV account for the night.

Catfish Season 4 premieres Wednesday, February 25 at 10/9c on MTV.

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