Fired Betty Ford employee Dawn Holland was paid over $10,000 by TMZ for Lindsay Lohan story

47990, PALM DESERT, CALIFORNIA - Monday November 29, 2010. AND THE AWARD GOES TO: Lindsay Lohan leaves her Palm Desert outpatient home with a visible 'Sober Shine Award' placard placed in her front yard. The sign was placed last night in front of Lohan's home. Lohan, who is currently undergoing court ordered rehab at The Betty Ford Clinic, is reportedly being replaced by actress Malin Akerman in the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno . She was spotted over the weekend doing a bit of retail shopping, stopping at a jewelry store at an outlet near Palm Springs, followed by a Prada store. Photograph:  David Tonnessen,

Earlier today TMZ broke a story about a physical altercation between Lindsay Lohan and a Betty Ford sober house staff member (now revealed to be Dawn Holland) that occurred Oct. 12. Lindsay reportedly came home a few minutes after her curfew (the same night her roommates had allegedly been at a bar) and some sort of fight broke out over sobriety tests for Lindsay (which she passed).

Now Dawn is speaking out about the incident after being fired by Betty Ford. She admitted to RadarOnline that TMZ paid her between $10,000-$15,000 for her story (which sounds like a violation of HIPAA laws,) and that she posed for photos of her wounds, which are currently being shopped around for sale.