PHOTO High school tells female students to conceal their ‘sausage rolls’ and ‘girls’

Biglerville High School

When administrators at Biglerville High School in Pennsylvania tried to offer graduating seniors advice on how to dress appropriately for graduation, they were the ones who ended up being inappropriate.

Among other things, the school’s advisory letter told ladies to “keep ‘the girls’ covered and supported,” hide the “bits and pieces” and conceal “sausage rolls.” (“As Mrs. Elliott calls them.”) In case that wasn’t clear enough, administrators added, “As you get dressed remember that you can’t put 10 pounds of mud in a 5-pound sack.”

Biglerville HS Dress Code

“You’re supposed to feel safe and comfortable here. For a letter like that to come from the administration is really appalling,” senior Brianna Burtop, who posted a picture of the dress code online, told WHTM. She explained on Facebook, “I didn’t know it was okay to insult your female students. Weight shouldn’t be used for comedic relief.”

The graduating guys of Biglerville weren’t entirely spared, either — although the suggestion to keep their underwear covered up wasn’t worded quite as offensively.

After the dress code went viral online, Biglerville High School administrators apologized by saying it was a form they used for years without incident:


The document was drafted years ago, and the author of the original document has since retired. While we regret that the document contained some unfortunate word choices, we do respect all students and hope this does not distract from the dignity of the graduation ceremony and the accomplishments of our graduating class.


Graduation went on as scheduled on Friday.

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