16 and Pregnant Nicole Fokos’ boyfriend Tyler Keller modeling pictures!

Nicole Fokos' boyfriend Tyler Keller from 16 and Pregnant

Everybody’s favorite 16 and Pregnant Season 2 baby daddy wasn’t always a skateboarding anti-establishment rebel. At least for a brief moment, Tyler dreamed of making it as a fashion model, going so far as to don a shirt and tie and strut the catwalk!

16 and Pregnant's Tyler Keller walks the runway

(A little theme music while you take a gander)

It was only a Model Productions shoot (you know, those temporary runways they set up inside shopping malls?) so I won’t give Tyler too hard of a time. Besides, I’m sure he was talked into it by Nicole and his future mother-in-law! That being said, I can’t resist poking a little fun at him for his “seriously sexy” poses like this one:

Nicole Fokos' boyfriend Tyler does his best tough pouty sexy pose

Oh man! I’m sure his skating buddies had a field day with these!

Tyler wasn’t all formal though. He dressed down for a casual shoot wearing a skater-friendly striped t-shirt:

16 and Pregnant's Tyler Keller gets ready for his modeling debut

Sorry Tyler! Had to do it!

What is it about 16 and Pregnant baby daddies named Tyler?!? They all seem pretty hip but at the same time they’re willing to step up to the plate with things like “getting your girlfriend pregnant.” Something tells me we’re going to be seeing more of Tyler and Nicole in Season 2 of Teen Mom!

Ah what the heck! Here’s one more…

Tyler Keller lookin formal but casual on the runway

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