Parents furious at 50 Cent for posting video mocking son with social anxiety disorder


Rapper 50 Cent thought it would be a good idea to post a video of himself making fun of an airport custodial worker whom he assumed was high. It turns out the kid wasn’t high–he suffers from a documented social anxiety disorder, and now his parents are beyond pissed off about the whole ordeal.

50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, started taking cellphone video of 19-year-old Andrew Farrell while Andrew was pushing a cart full of cleaning supplies through Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

In the clip, which the rapper removed from Instagram, he says while pointing his camera right in Farrell’s face as the guy’s just trying to mind his own business and do his job:


This is the new generation. It’s crazy. They’re crazy. Look at him. What kind of s**t you think he took before he got to work today? He high as a motherf***er right here in the airport. Pupils dilated, looking like… The new generation is f****ng crazy.


The whole time Farrell doesn’t speak back and just shakes his head in disbelief.

Warning — Profane language and lousy humanity:

Someone who knew Farrell personally commented on the clip: “I went to school with him. He has extreme social difficulties just to let you know. He has a hard enough time getting through life without jacka**es like you making fun of him. I hope you feel good about yourself. You just lost a huge fan.” spoke with Farrell and his parents. As you might imagine, Farrell’s mom and step-dad were beside themselves with anger over what happened. His mom said,  “Why would you attack my kid like that? It doesn’t say much about his character when he has to attack a kid he doesn’t even know. He’s got a social anxiety disorder. We’ve got that documented.”

Farrell’s step-dad turned the generation thing right back on 50 Cent. “We all grew up in a generation, at least I did being older, to know that you don’t judge a book by its cover. That’s exactly what he did. He just saw a young kid over here working and he basically went off on him,” he said.

His mom added, “I want people to know that he’s a good kid. He doesn’t get in trouble. He’s not a drug addict. I want [50 Cent] to apologize to him more than anything and say that he was wrong. He should not have made those snap judgments. I’m tempted to contact a lawyer, but I don’t have the resources to do that. Sometimes it’s hard to fight a celebrity.”

As of this posting, 50 Cent has yet to publicly apologize for his actions.

UPDATE: The family has obtained legal counsel. Farrell’s step-dad said that Andrew suffers from autism and Asperger’s syndrome as well as a hearing condition that requires a hearing aid. He said they’d be willing to forego legal action if 50 Cent will donate $1 million to Andrew’s gofundme and issue an apology.

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