THE OTHER WAY Is Brittany divorced or still married? Was she already divorced when she filmed?

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Is Brittany divorced?

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Brittany Banks dropped a major bombshell when she revealed that her Jordanian fiance Yazan and his devout Muslim family are unaware of the fact that she is still legally married.

“I’m moving to Jordan in just a few days, but I’m keeping something from Yazan and his family, and I’m super concerned about how they’re gonna react,” Brittany told the cameras just before a meeting with an attorney to discuss her situation.

Here’s what Brittany said about her ex and their relationship timeline:

I married my ex five years ago, and it didn’t work out how I thought it would. Three months later, he was taken by ICE and deported.

My ex-husband was living in the United States his entire life. He came over from Haiti when he was three years old. I met him when I was 17 and we were in the same group of friends. We hung out all the time. He seemed like a really cool guy, and one day he asked me to be his girlfriend. After about three or four years of dating, we decide that it was time for us to get married.

From our date of marriage, we were only together three or four months before he was deported.

Brittany also clarified that she was unaware her ex was not a United States citizen and that there was a possibility that he could be deported back to Haiti.

The attorney that Brittany spoke with delivered some bad news. She said that if Brittany’s ex was not being cooperative, the divorce could take 6-10 months if they needed to get the Haitian government involved.

In her separate interview with producers, the attorney mentioned that Brittany had yet to file for divorce. I watched the entire scene twice, and Brittany never actually says that she hasn’t filed yet — although it is certainly implied given that the attorney’s time estimates that Brittany is so concerned about are based on starting from scratch.

So, what’s the update on Brittany’s divorce? And was she telling the truth?

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Brittany marriage ex husband


Everything about Brittany’s backstory seems to check out. She and her ex filed for a marriage license on March 24, 2015, which was two days before Brittany’s 22nd birthday. They officially got married in Florida six days later on March 30. That does appear to be about the time that her ex was deported. (More on that coming soon in another post.)

Once we get to the more recent developments in her relationship with her ex, Brittany’s story gets a little more suspicious.


According to court records, Brittany filed for divorce in her home state of Illinois on September 9, 2019.

I only have access to the docket entries and not the documents, but it appears as though the divorce process didn’t hit any major hiccups.

On February 11 of this year, the motion for default judgment was allowed, which means the divorce was granted. Despite the divorce going through, the case is currently assigned to the post-decree calendar. “Post decree calendar means a divorce was granted but your ex husband filed a post decree motion to enforce something in your divorce judgement,” attorney Richard A. Karner Jr. explained on Avvo to a woman asking what a post-decree calendar assignment means.

The September divorce filing and February decree raises a few questions. It’s REALLY hard to imagine that Brittany and Yazan filmed before September of last year, so that would mean that the divorce was already filed when the TLC cameras started rolling.


Brittany shared numerous photos and videos of herself filming in Jordan on Instagram in early March of this year. Here are a couple examples:

View this post on Instagram

Stew, I thought you could never get loose

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If she really did film in March, then that would mean that her divorce had already gone through. It is possible that she filmed in Jordan earlier and waited to post the photos and videos though.


According to Brittany’s Instagram, she was back in the United States in mid-March. She posted numerous photos referencing the coronavirus quarantine that were tagged as Chicago and then Florida.

Once again, Brittany could have manipulated her Instagram posts, so that is not a smoking gun in terms of proof that she is back in the US.


90 Day Fiance The Other Way Did Brittany convert to Islam?

In what could be an additional twist to Brittany’s timeline, she shared a couple Facebook posts in November that seem to indicate she converted to Islam.

November 25, 2019:

Do not worry for what the liars say. We are children of ALLAH! And followers of prophet Mohammad. The liars will do satans deeds but allah always wins! Prophet mohammads words will show us through. Allah will protect us and bless your family because we have good character and class.

COMMENT: If you’re not doing what you love your wasting your time ♥️✅ Be you and don’t by a copy of the others. Love you girl ❤️❤️❤️💋🌹🌹💋💋💋

BRITTANY: I love you sister. Thank you for bringing me back to Islam to you and your family. You are a good girl.

COMMENT: welcome to Islam 😘💋💋😘

November 25, 2019:

I talked with allah for my past and prophet Mohammad said allah forgives me and loves all his children. No man can judge me and I do not have to answer for any man just allah! Thank you yazan and your family for showing me Islam patiently and loving me until I came to the light that prophet Mohammad spoke of. You are true followers of the Quran and are the good people prophet Mohammad spoke of!


You can keep up with how Brittany and Yazan’s relationship plays out on screen with new episodes of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airing Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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