THE OTHER WAY Aladin says Laura catfished him, has a drinking problem, was kicked out of US, and more!

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Laura and Aladin

On the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way “Couples Tell All” special, Aladin Jallali had difficulty arguing his side of things as far as why his relationship with wife Laura fell apart. In addition to the language barrier, those cast members in person at the taping quickly took Laura’s side and teamed up on him.

Surprisingly, Aladin’s biggest ally on the special turned out to be Laura’s son Liam, who couldn’t stop laughing hysterically at his mother, even while she was crying. Despite Liam being very outspoken in his dislike for Aladin, his mockingly gleeful laughter and comments about his mother’s immaturity did a much better job of making a case against Laura than Aladin’s ire-inducing story about Laura going to get a cup of coffee without letting him know.

As a result, Aladin seemed to be caught like a deer in the headlights. His frustration, combined with the cultural barrier and the language barrier, resulted in Aladin digging his hole deeper and deeper.


Earlier today, Aladin attempted to get out of the hole he was in as far as public perception by sharing a series of lengthy “truth bomb” posts on Instagram explaining his side of why he and Laura did not work out. It seems clear that Aladin enlisted the help of an English translator as he makes several shocking revelations.

Here is a bullet point summary of some of Aladin’s major claims, followed by his posts in their entirety:

  • Laura catfished Aladin initially with altered images and claims that she was just 40 years old.
  • Laura has a drinking problem.
  • Aladin never had any intention of moving to the United States. He says he was well aware that Laura was not a US citizen, and that she was actually not allowed back in the country!
  • There were plans for the couple to relocate to Laura’s home country of Canada. Aladin says he gave Laura money for the visa sponsorship, but she lied and spent the money on other things.
  • While they were together, Laura paid for two months of rent while Aladin paid for four months. He also picked up the tab for their wedding, travels, and more.
  • Laura was careless with money and liked to stay in hotels, buy expensive drinks, etc.
  • Laura stating that her “pension” was cut is confusing. She allegedly told Aladin she retired from an automotive store five years before, but none of that really makes any sense.


I was catfished. Plain and simple. When Laura and I met online, she shared photos that portrayed her to be much younger than she is. Her photos, as I discovered later, were highly edited. Even she admitted to this during taping, but no one paid any attention to it. She told me she was 40 years old and I believed her. I did not even know she was using fake hair extensions, etc. When we met in person, I was surprised but I already had feelings for the person I thought she was. We had already decided to get married before even meeting. How else would we have had all documents necessary during this trip to get the marriage registered? She wanted to say the story about me proposing after a few days in a café because she thought it would make our storyline more interesting.

I discovered her age when we went for the marriage license and they asked for her passport. That is when I saw her age was in fifties and not 40 as she told me. When confronted, she initially gave me a story about how a mistake in her passport had been made. However, when the registrar asked to see her birth certificate, the date was the same. She said the mistake had been in the birth certificate and that is why it was in the passport as well. I did not believe it and eventually she admitted the truth. I stayed because I already loved her and I thought in the end, if this is the worst thing, I can handle it.

I was never supposed to come to America. I knew she did not have a Greencard and that she only had a temporary status. The stories she told me varied on when I asked. Sometimes she said she was on a work visa, sometimes on a visitor pass. She did have to leave the USA. She specifically used the term deported with me. That is why she came to Qatar. I did see that she had a page in her passport that said rejected or denied from the USA. She herself told me that she was twice refused boarding by plane to USA when we were together, so she entered by driving through the border instead. I saw she had ripped out the page with the denied or refused mention later. This might explain why there are photos circulating on the internet of her using a temporary green Canadian passport. I myself have not seen this passport.

At some point she expressed the desire for us to move to Canada together. Since living in Canada would make it possible for us to travel back and forth, I agreed. She said she could sponsor me, and I believed her. I sent the money for the sponsorship application and found out this summer that she lied and she never actually submitted it. She used the money and just spent it. She repeatedly lied and said she had and that we were just waiting. Since then, I have learned from an immigration consultant that she could not have sponsored me as she herself was not in Canada. We did submit an application for a visitor visa early this year, which was denied. I was perfectly happy having her join me in Qatar.

I did not use her for money. Let me be clear. In October 2017 I began working in Qatar. In January 2018 my sister died. I had not saved sufficient money to travel for her funeral. At that time, I was new. They wait more than a month to give the first paycheque so I had not accumulated much. She helped me by providing a ticket for me to go back to Qatar for my sister’s funeral – I believe it was around $400USD. This was one of the things that made me believe she was someone I could trust and love. I had been planning to ask my boss for an advance and repay him when I returned but she said she wanted to do this for me. I accepted her help.

On her podcast, Laura lied when she said that I left her after finding out that she lost her pension and could not sponsor me. Why? The amount she was getting was less that I received for my basic salary plus commission! The fact is, I knew months before that she had lied about even sponsoring me and I told her to just leave it and that is another reason why she was living permanently in Qatar. The timeline of these two events did not even coincide.

She exaggerated about helping with rent. When she came to Qatar in March 2019, I paid rent for March and April, she paid for May and June and I paid July and August. So yes, she did pay 2 of the 6 months’ rent while there – because I spent every penny of my savings and earnings for her. However, during all of her stays, I paid for the food, utilities, cells, car, gas, bought her clothes and shoes, jewelry, paid for outings, as well as our travels, 3-day wedding, and honeymoon, plus all expenses in Tunisia as well. At the time she did not object. The money she got from the show was used as she wanted, while I used mine for our wedding. If I had been using her for money, 2 months of rent would not be worth spending 10 times more!

She was wasteful with money. She liked to go drink in fancy Hotels where a glass of alcohol was the price of a bottle she could have had at home. She told me she was sending money to Liam and that she was supporting him financially. From what I read online from her ex, it seems she lied about this too and that Liam was helping her instead. In her podcast she said that I kept the wedding money, and my money as well as her money from the show. This is a lie. First, yes the small amount of money I received for the wedding was applied to the wedding, as supposed to. That only made a dent in the total cost. Second, the show pays both of us. Her money was sent to her, in her bank account, that I never had access to. Mine was sent to me and I used it all for the wedding. Laura loved to be extravagant – she even went and booked hotels to stay in without even telling me, while we had a perfectly fine house to stay in! Was I careful with money? Yes, because we had a budget to stick to in order to make the wedding happen and not have debt on our heads!

She keeps saying her pension was cut. First, Laura told me she retired from her job 5 years ago. Until our separation I never questioned her much about it or doubted it. She said she had been some kind of manager in an automotive store. This basically means she would have retired around 45-46. After our separation, it came to my attention that the salary of an automotive parts store is not so high, certainly not enough to save to retire at 45. I suppose it could have been possible that she would have been on Long Term Disability Benefits – but that is not “retirement”. Considering retirement age in Canada is 65, she was too young for old age pension or Canada Pension Plan (CPP). It also does not make sense that her employer would pay her a pension for retirement 20 years early! And if she had been on a pension – why would it have been cut? Some people have speculated that perhaps she was drawing something called ODSP – Ontario Disability Support Program (maybe supplemented by early CPP when someone can no longer work ) – or Ontario Works, the equivalent to welfare. I can’t confirm her specific situation but it sure makes more sense than the story she is telling.

She has a drinking problem. I am not saying she is an alcoholic, but she cannot handle her alcohol well. When she drinks, she becomes mean, impolite, rude and violent. I did not like dealing with her in these times. We were on a honeymoon and she would get drunk until passed out snoring on the bed without even taking her clothes off or washing herself. How embarrassing when my relatives can hear her snoring from other rooms and acting rude.

The wine event was staged. What actually happened is in 2018, when she lived with me in Qatar, she decided to make wine in the closet without my knowledge. She did something wrong and it exploded in the closet while trying to open it. I heard a noise, ran to the room and found a disgusting smell and all my winter clothes stained with this. I was angry first because it is illegal, and we could both be in trouble – me more than her. Second, why hide like a child – why not ask/tell me? The producers thought it was hilarious and they decided to go shopping with her to make the wine for the show. Again, I was upset because this could have gotten us in trouble. Besides, as a foreigner, there are places she could buy for personal use in her home if she needed it that badly.

UPDATE – It seems Aladin wasn’t done! Here’s lots more:

She lied about me using her for money. When she stayed with me in 2018 for several months, I incurred all costs for us. This included 3 weeks in Tunisia and 6 weeks in Qatar.

She is medicated for mental illnesses. She hid this from me. I am not saying it would have changed my decision to be with her, but she did not give me all the information to choose for myself. This might explain why her behavior changed so much when drinking. I understand many people suffer from mental illness – but I also think the right thing to do is to inform your spouse or potential spouse.

People – and my fellow castmates – have said that I am controlling. I am not controlling – I just wanted to make sure she was safe, as any husband would while she is in a foreign country. In Qatar, Laura would regularly just take off with my car and my money, lock the door and not leave me the keys. She would not answer my calls or texts. I had to ask friends to drive me around to find her and when I did, she was usually in a bar drinking. On one occasion, when I came to find her, she attacked me, swore at me and started hitting me with her purse. This is unacceptable for several reasons. First, as an Arab man, I am the head of the household. It does not mean I control her, but I am responsible for her safety. How can I make sure she is safe if she will not tell me where she is? Second, for her to act like this in public is shameful and degrades me as a man. She lied in her podcast when she said it only happened once and that she was gone 15 minutes to a drive-through. My friends were witness to these events multiple times.

Laura complained about me leaving her alone. She said she was lonely and wanted to go out and do things. My married friends and I organized many activities. More often than not she refused to join. My friends have been kind, welcoming and friendly with her. In Tunisia, yes, I sometimes left for a few hours. It is not always appropriate to bring her with me. For example, if we are 10 guys and just one woman it is strange. On the event she mentions in her podcast, I said I needed to go out for a haircut and beard trim. We do not have set appointments. When you show up you wait until your turn. There was a long line, so I had a coffee and chat with a friend before returning. She was angry that it took 2-3 hours to return home. She left without telling anyone where she was going. People had pity on her thinking I was keeping her locked up, but it simply isn’t true. She could have called and texted me. She didn’t. She could and should have taken my calls, but she didn’t. I would gladly have taken her out. But she did not ask me to and refused to join in our group activities more often than not. I was worried because she is obviously a foreigner and many bad people could spot her and try to harm her. She said my uncle (who she says does not speak English) told her that I was out having coffee playing on my phone. If he speaks no English – how would he tell her this? Just another lie.

The sex issue. Many people judged me harshly. First, there are some acts I did not wish to perform with her. I will be respectful and simply say this is something a man can decide to do or not do, depending on his level of comfort with the act and the person. Cleanliness is super important to me. Second, if she had issues with our sex life, she should have come to me personally and discussed it privately. I am a pretty understanding guy and it is not only important but satisfying to me to know that my partner is also fulfilled. You have to understand that I am not from a place where you find sex shops on a street or where people whip out their sex toys on tv. Some matters are and should be private. I am the first to admit that as an Arab man, I do have pride and an ego, and both were dealt serious blows on tv in front of millions of people. When I confronted her, she said she did not mean it and that it was for the show. She said that this storyline would make us popular. I realized she would do anything to shock people and hopefully get a second season. I refused to be part of it.

I never beat, hit, threaten or hurt her physically. It is not my style. I respect women and assaulting a woman will never fix anything. I can’t say if the photo was makeup, photoshop or what but I do know that it had nothing to do with me.

I did not cheat on her. Laura as self-conscious about her size and weight, her double chin and arms. She projected her insecurities onto others. I accepted her. I offered to train her to reach her goals, whatever they may be. I bought her trainers, and then bought new trainers when she said she did not like the first ones. I encouraged her to be active, but I also understood her physical limitations. I did follow some people and they followed me. Such is the game in social media, right? Laura had access to my phone and she herself blocked hundreds of people who paid me compliments – or anyone she judged to be “thirsty”. I was faithful – plain and simple. I am not a one-night stand kind of guy. The fact is that she and I have been separated since the end of July and I have not had sex with anyone since

Throughout the 3-day wedding I felt deep down that it was a mistake, but it was my last-ditch effort to prove my love and hope that she would change. She did not. She only continued to belittle and disrespect me. The honeymoon and her desire for fame at all costs were the proverbial nail in the coffin.

I was respectful to Liam even when he was disrespectful to me. I was happy he came even though I knew he would give me a hard time, but I wanted her to be happy and that meant bringing her son. I welcomed him with open arms, arranged to have him visit the Star Wars movie site (which he decided not to do), wasted time finding a place for him to go get a tattoo (which he also decided not to do last minute) went and got him a tux to wear, took him to the hammam to try to clear the air before the wedding, instead of spending the day relaxing with my friends. I even gave him some spending money for his return travels as I was thinking he may not have local money to buy food or drinks in the airport. Apparently, he gave it to Laura.

When Laura left, she asked me to give her money. I did. Even though I knew we were done, I did not want her to be stuck penniless. I gave her 1000 riyals.

She said I did not want to return her stuff. She came from Tunisia to Qatar and had access to all her things before leaving. She took my luggage and packed what she wanted. There was little else left. When asked, I refused to see her, but I offered to give her things to someone where she could collect them. She refused. I asked her to give me her lawyer’s name and address to drop her things off there. She refused. Finally, the show arranged to pick up her stuff – which all fit in a bag. Her things have since all been returned to her.

We had filmed previously for the interviews together. These were originally rather positive. After the tell-all, she returned to film again alone and these are the harsher comments she made. I was asked to also film but declined even though I could have requested more money for this.

I seemed changed, angry, aggressive, impolite and hard in the tell-all. Keep in mind that I had everyone gang up on me. Everyone came in with their opinion already made. She came in pretending to be a victim who had no idea of why this was happening. I could not believe she would play the victim card when she had manipulated me and everyone else the whole time. I was beside myself and so agitated that I could not even find the words to express myself let alone defend myself. How could I make them understand that this is what she does? She lies so well that even she begins to believe it!

During live taping, the conversation moved too fast. English is my third language. It takes time for me to absorb, process and then construct my answers. I was unable to do so on the spot but unlike one of my castmates I did not have a translator. I am not blaming anyone for this – I should have anticipated needing one. This is why I have asked someone to help me write down my story clearly.

The pregnancy was a lie. In Qatar we went to a fertility specialist. He told us she could no longer have children unless we used someone else’s eggs. She purposefully did not tell anyone about this. If the doctor had said she was still fertile, she would have been the first to use this doctor as proof. The doctor told us the best and cheapest place to go to have this done was in Spain. I was disappointed as she had told me she could have children but I was willing to go along with donor eggs if it meant having children.

I have never had sex with a man or performed any acts that were of sexual nature with a man. I have nothing against gay people but it is ridiculous to spread bullsh*t rumors like that to try to discourage other women from being interested in me!

She said on the podcast that the pregnancy was real but that the timeline was off and that she only published it to let me know about it because she had no other way to contact me. This is a blatant lie again! She was contacting me through my friends to beg me, threaten me, ask for her stuff, coordinate for the delivery of her things, etc. She was also emailing me throughout this whole time, threatening to ruin me and my friends – even in October!

Her behavior since we separated has only reinforced my belief that this was not the right partner for me. Lies about a pregnancy and miscarriage, physical abuse, money, cheating, accusations of me being gay, etc. Keep in mind that she is the one who just went on tv kissing another man while still married and saying that he knows how to satisfy. So, it is obvious that if there was infidelity, it was on her part, not mine.

If there had ever been any hope for a reconciliation post-show, it is completely gone now. I am focused on myself for now and I am excited to announce that I have started my own business. The official launch and details are to come in the next week or two.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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