One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and The Wanted’s Tom Parker get into Twitter feud

Tom Parker attends Z100's Jingle Ball 2012 presented by Aeropostale in New York City, USA.Louis Tomlinson of One Direction at Z100's Jingle Ball 2012 presented by Aeropostale in New York City, USA.

Boy band Twitter feud alert! Louis Tomlinson and Tom Parker are in rivaling boy bands and while they are both hugely popular, tension has clearly been lingering between them. It all started when Louis sarcastically mentioned The Wanted at one of the band’s gigs over the weekend. That led Tom to take to Twitter to defend his band — and royally slam Louis.

“Jake Bugg supporting The Wanted — best team ever,” Louis joked during the One Direction concert in London on Saturday night, April 7. As soon as Tom heard about it, he had a Twitter message specifically for Louis. “[Louis], you even talk about us at your own gig. Are you that upset that you didn’t get in this band?”

Pal, we both know I wouldn’t waste my time auditioning for your band,” Louis shot back. “You humour me with your bad boy persona.”  That’s when things really got ugly and Louis and Tom began posting links in an attempt at embarassing the other. First, Louis posted a link to an article titled, “The Wanted’s Tom Parker: My failed X Factor audition shattered me.” Then, Tom tweeted a link to Louis’ own X-Factor audition with the caption, “You were too busy ‘wowing’ the judges with THIS. I don’t need to call producers to beg my way on to a track over my ‘friends.'”

“Interesting you have to entertain your many followers with lies,” Louis replied. “I actually think you could be the biggest t**t on twitter. Why don’t we make your next single our movie soundtrack?”

“I’d love to make the soundtrack to Mean Girls 3,” Tom replied, setting himself and his band up for a Lindsay Lohan joke (since Lindsay and The Wanted’s Max George reportedly dated not too long ago) — and Louis took the bait. “Not a bad idea actually maybe @maxthewanted could ask Lindsay?” he wondered, adding, “P.S. enjoy the press from this. You clearly spend too much time on twitter. Funny that face to face you act like a little girl. Goodnight old friend.”

At that point, Tom called it a night as well, telling fans, “Ignoring negative comments from now on and concentrating on the important people…all you lot 🙂 peace x.”

Are you Team 1D or Team The Wanted?

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