Official Breaking Bad Season 4 cast photos and posters

The Season 4 cast of Breaking Bad group image

Somehow the masterminds behind the unforgettable drama Breaking Bad have created cast portraits for the upcoming 4th Season that are as ominous as the conclusion of Season 3.

The show is as addictive as the perfect crystal that Walter has been cooking for Gus and AMC is providing some relief in the form of a non-spoiling but still blood pumping official trailer and the following official posters and cast photos.

First a little theme music:

The countenances of the characters reflect the impending gravity of the plot line as Walter seems hell-bent to burn out as the notorious alias Heisenberg than fade away as the cancer surviving father and science teacher that he used to identify with. One character almost has a grin as he should and that’s Walter’s default consigliere Saul.

Here is the full version of Walt followed by Jessie Pinkman who together pieced together the single best hour I’ve personally ever seen on TV during Season 3’s 10th episode “Fly.”


Breaking Bad Season 4 official photo for Walter White

Jessie Pinkman Season 4 cast photo

As I mentioned, in addition to the cast portraits AMC has released two official promo posters for the show. The first features only Cranston along with the caution sign “Warning: Extremely Volatile.” I’m getting so stoked it’s becoming difficult to finish this post!

Full Size Cranston only Breaking Bad Season 4 official poster

This stuff is so cool I’m losing my cool and I lost Saul’s number! Here’s the other promo poster that features Paul along with Cranston.

Official Season 4 poster for Breaking Bad that has both Pinkman and White

I’m starting to sweat like I’m stranded in an old broke down Winnebago with my old high school chemistry teacher cooking meth in his whitey tighties! Following is a gallery of all the cast portraits, click on any of the thumbnails to view the full image.

In the above “group photo” from Top Left to Bottom Right is Jessie Pinkman (Aaron Paul), Hank Schrader (Dean Norris), Gustavo (Gus) Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), Skyler White (Anna Gunn), Walter White (Bryan Cranston), Walter White, Jr. (RJ Mitte), Marie Schrader (Betsy Brandt),  Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) and Mike (Jonathan Banks).

Cast Portrait Credit: Ben Leuner/AMC