Game of Thrones’ Sean Bean stabbed at bar over glamor model, returns for a drink

Actor Sean Bean as Lord Eddard Ned Stark in Game of Thrones

Just when I thought my man crush on Sean Bean couldn’t get any worse!

The English actor, who plays the man every boy who ever played Dungeons & Dragons imagined themselves to be in Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark on the phenomenal new critically acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones, was recently enjoying a cigarette with twenty-something glamor model April Summers outside the Hill Bar and Brasserie in Camden, North West London late on Sunday evening when a man walking by made lewd comments about Summers. Bean pursued the man down the street but returned to the bar without incident.

Model April Summers who was with actor Sean Bean when he was stabbed
^ April Summers in February, 2011 (Will Alexander/Stuart Castle/

Later in the evening Bean (who is 52 in case you were wondering) was once again outside the bar when the man returned and reportedly attacked Bean, punching him in the face and stabbing him in the arm with a piece of glass.

A member of the bar staff summed up the incident this way to The Daily Mail:

‘Sean is a regular here and we’ve never had any problems before. He was with a very attractive woman and an incident occurred outside the bar.

‘He came in with a cut on his arm and a bruise on his eyebrow. We saw to his injuries with the first aid kit. He seemed ok and wanted to have another drink.’

Is anyone else here imagining the “passerby” looked like Ser Jaime Lannister?

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