Nick Gordon wants the Bobbi Kristina wrongful death lawsuit thrown out of court

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Nick Gordon, who remains the sole suspect in the Fulton County criminal investigation of Bobbi Kristina’s death, has made a formal request that a judge throw out the Bobbi Kristina wrongful death lawsuit filed against him.

According to Gordon’s lawyers, the Bobbi Kristina wrongful death lawsuit should be thrown out for two reasons. The first is that Nick Gordon is a resident of Florida, and not Georgia, where the lawsuit was filed. The second? None of the charges against their client, say Nick Gordon’s lawyers, are true.

One thing Gordon does acknowledge is that he and Bobbi Kristina had an argument on the night of January 31st. He denies the “toxic cocktail” allegations, stating instead that he “went out on the night in question, that he reviewed video footage and then had an argument with Ms. Brown and that he then changed clothes….[Gordon] tried to ‘wake up’ Ms. Brown and attempted to get her to react and that he performed CPR on her, and Defendant further admits that others unsuccessfully attempted to resuscitate Ms. Brown.”

According to the documents that Gordon’s lawyers filed, the $10 million Bobbi Kristina lawsuit should be dismissed, and Gordon compensated for “reasonable” lawyers’ fees.

Reports regarding the Bobbi Kristina graveside photo shoot that Nick Gordon recently performed–and for which he was allegedly paid $40,000–state that Gordon desperately needed the five-figure payment, in order to reimburse his legal team.

Bedelia Hargrove, the conservator of Bobbi Kristina’s estate, filed the $10 million Bobbi Kristina wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the Brown and Houston families this past summer. The suit alleges a host of crimes and misdeeds: among them, it claims that Nick Gordon abused Bobbi Kristina both physically and mentally; that Gordon lied about being Bobbi Kristina’s husband, in order to gain access to get financial statements; and that Nick Gordon stole approximately $11,000 in cash from Bobbi Kristina.

Most damningly, the Bobbi Kristina lawsuit also alleges that Gordon fed Bobbi Kristina a “toxic cocktail” on her last night alive, before leaving her face down in her bathtub in order to sleep. The toxic cocktail reportedly came after Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon had a huge, potentially physical argument the last night that Bobbi Kristina was alive.


(Photo credits: Nick Gordon via Facebook)

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