Nick Gordon officially charged for violating no-contact order with girlfriend Laura Leal

Nick Gordon has been formally charged for violating a no-contact order with his girlfriend Laura Leal, one put in place after Nick was arrested following a domestic dispute the two had last month.

The Assistant State Attorney signed the paperwork on Friday, meaning Nick will face a misdemeanor charge. He’s scheduled to be in court on May 11.

In case you missed it, Nick and Laura got into a heated argument on March 10, during which Nick calling 911. (Click here to listen to the 911 call and read a full transcript.)

When police arrived, Laura claimed that Nick punched her in the face and pulled her hair while she drove him home. The officers on the scene observed marks on Laura’s face, so Nick was arrested and charged with domestic violence. As a result of the arrest, Nick was ordered to have no contact with Laura — despite both his and Laura’s objections.

On March 19, police were notified that Laura had been seen at Nick’s residence. When officers arrived at Nick’s apartment, Nick admitted that Laura was there, but pointed out that she had entered the residence while he was asleep by entering the key code for the door lock.

Here’s some more information on the March 19 incident from the police report:

Gordon stated that he was inside his residence, sleeping, when Leal entered his residence, through the front door using his personal door code. The front door of the residence is equipped with a key pad, allowing the front door to be open and secured using an individual door code. Gordon stated that Leal then entered his bedroom and was “just hanging out with him.” Gordon further stated that she Sheriffs Office Deputies arrived shortly after Leal arrived.

I made contact with Leal and she stated that she used Gordon’s door code and entered the residence by her own means. Leal stated that she does not fear for her safety around Gordon and stopped by the residence to see him.

Based on locating Gordon and Leal together, I arrested Gordon for violation of bond conditions, issued to him on March 11, 2018. I placed Gordon in handcuffs, checked for proper placement and fit, and transported him to the John E. Polk Correctional Facility without incident.

Although he was arrested for violating the no-contact order, Nick also received some very good news on the much more serious domestic violence charge. Prosecutors dropped the charge entirely, citing a lack of a viable witness after Laura recanted her initial statement and refused to testify against Nick.

Nick Gordon girlfriend Laura Leal mugshot

Laura Leal — mug shot photo above — also penned a letter to the judge asking that the charges against Nick be dropped and insisting that the altercation was as much her fault as Nick’s, if not more. Laura cited her diagnosis of bipolar disorder and history with anger management issues — something that’s backed up by Laura’s arrest history, which includes a domestic violence charge in 2013 and charges of resisting and officer and battery on an officer in 2012.

The domestic violence incident was a bit shocking because it involved a violent altercation with her mother and father. (Click here for all the exclusive details about Laura Leal’s previous run-ins with the law.)

Nick was previously arrested on domestic violence and kidnapping charges in June of last year following an incident with his then-girlfriend. She also refused to cooperate with police, and those charges were later dropped as well.

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