Nick Cannon’s pimple turned out to be a grape-sized cyst

Nick Cannon Cyst on Face Removed

Fans of America’s Got Talent had a heyday last week when host Nick Cannon showed up with a large blemish on the side of his face. The bump, which started trending as #NickCannonsPimple, even spawned two parody accounts on Twitter.

Unfortunately, the social media fun came to an end on Friday when Nick revealed it wasn’t a pimple after all…

Uhm, ouch?!

Thankfully, Mr. Mariah Carey didn’t let the facial surgery slow him down for long. He pulled a Nelly by slapping a bandage over the mark and went out for a night on the town! TMZ caught up with Nick while he was out and he didn’t seem fazed.

“It’s all good,” Nick told photographers. “They had to take a culture and everything’s cool.”

Sounds like Nick was dealing with a benign cyst, which may have been caused by a plugged duct that resulted in the build up of semisolid or gaseous material. The surgery likely took care of the problem… RIP #NickCannonsPimple.

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