Amanda Bynes’ parents gets conservatorship, reveal new information about her behavior

Amanda Bynes Conservatorship

After a judge heeded doctors suggestions to extend her psychiatric hold for 30 days, Amanda Bynes’ parents were reinstated as her conservators. Rick and Lynn Bynes were granted a similar arrangement after Amanda’s first hospitalization in 2013, but reportedly allowed it to lapse this summer when they believed Amanda had improved.

According to Radar Online, Lynn argued in the new petition filed on Oct. 22 that Amanda “poses a substantial risk to herself, to others, and to property based upon recent behavior.” Lynn cited the examples of Amanda’s September DUI, her alleged shoplifting attempts and her statements about having a microchip implanted in her brain. TMZ added that Lynn revealed Amanda spent “alarming amounts” of money by buying jewelry for strangers and handing it out on New York City streets.

“As such, a conservatorship is necessary at this time to protect the proposed conservatee’s person and estate,” Lynn said in the petition, which was just filed in her name.

Amanda will reportedly remain at a Pasadena psychiatric facility for the coming weeks. It’s unclear whether she will move in with her parents while attending outpatient treatment… That’s what she did last year, but sources say her relationship with Lynn and Rick has since deteriorated to the point where living with them may do more harm than good.

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