Newspaper congratulates man for pleasing 15 women for an entire day, leaving them exhausted and satisfied

man pleasures 15 women all day

Move aside Christian Grey!

A local newspaper, not sure where, published an ad not thanking, but congratulating a man named George Brownridge for “pleasing 15 women for an entire day!”

Oh, but the ad goes on:

“We were all exhausted and very satisfied and we look forward to next year . . .”

The next day the newspaper printed an apology to George Brownridge for the “inappropriate innuendo,” because he was actually being thanked for arranging his “generous” annual holiday shopping trip. For a lot of women, that’s probably better than what the double enteres above were suggested. Do you have to apply to be one of the women he takes shopping? How does he choose? What did they buy? There are just still so many questions unanswered here.

via (Jezebel)

P.S. The comments below point out that the origin of this was 2-3 years ago, but it was JUST published on Jezebel a couple of days ago. We got a laugh out of it, and hope some of you did too.