New season of Teen Mom 2 confirmed, Season 8 already filming

Teen Mom 2 Season 8

There have been rumors for months that this might be the last season of MTV’s dramastical reality series Teen Mom 2–rumors bolstered by at least two of the dads flatly stating they had quit the show. But multiple media outlets have just confirmed that there will be a Teen Mom 2 Season 8, and filming has already begun!

Actually, we kind of already knew about the filming, because numerous reports indicated that MTV was present at Jenelle’s recent trial by jury in her assault case involving Nathan’s girlfriend Jessica Henry. But naysayers still speculated that the MTV crew was there to get footage for some sort of catch up special (or something similar).

However, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup and The Real Mr. Housewife both have production sources who have confirmed a full new season. Although it’s still not known if Jeremy Calvert and/or Adam Lind will be back, The Ashley says all four moms have signed on the dotted line. A source tells her that the moms “are used to making astronomical amounts of money, so it’s not like they can go back to a normal job and live the same lifestyle.” (The moms reportedly made $250,000 each last season, and that amount goes up each time the series is renewed.)

“Contracts have been signed,” an insider tells The Real Mr. Housewife, “and there will be 12 episodes.”

Well, I guess Chelsea and Cole can go ahead and get that new house they’ve been dreaming about! Of course, at this rate, they might be upgrading again in a couple of years! 😉

Make it rain, MTV!

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