NeNe Leakes to launch Miss Moscato wine, wants to be the next Oprah Winfrey

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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season the tide has turned against the show’s first superstar, NeNe Leakes. Most of the cast members (Cynthia Bailey ***yawn*** excluded) claim that fame has gone to NeNe’s head, which is quite a bold claim given how far fame would have to travel to reach her rather lofty noggin.

But, according to the latest issue of Life and Style, it appears that the gals are not alone in their assessment as NeNe herself pretty much admits that fame has gone to her head – just not in a “feel guilty about it” kind of way.

“I’ve got a lot of shine and had things happen for me, and they’re definitely jealous,” NeNe says of her co-stars. Some of the things happening for her include her recent appearance on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice as well as the upcoming launch of her new shoe line and Miss Moscato wine. (NeNe follows in the footsteps of New York City housewife Ramaon Singer, who launched her line of Pinot Grigio last year.)

Also on the horizon for NeNe Leakes? A talk show! According to L&S, she “aspires to be the next Oprah Winfrey with her own talk show–and no one can hold her back.”

“It’s very difficult,” NeNe laments. “You can’t trust a lot of people. Your girlfriends all change, and your family is now against you. There’s definitely a cost that comes with fame.”

Personally I don’t think people’s friends and family (and viewers like me) automatically turn against them just because they become famous, that usually only happens if you do have some sort of unsavory ego problem – which NeNe seems to have. As a fan of the show I now wince whenever NeNe comes on the screen with her over-the-top antics, impatiently staring at my watch and counting down the seconds until the new Queen Peach Phaera Parks gets a voice over: “Everybody knows NeNe has let fame go to her head.”

And what’s up with a NeNe Leakes brand wine? Forget that. Give me a cheap Kim Zolciak Chablis instead! It could be the two buck chuck of white wines – only available either in a box (trash box o’ wine!) or gallon jug. Put a little blond wig on the cork and call it something like “Zolciak’s Finest” with the slogan “Drink What Happens” and I think we’re talking about a billion dollar idea!

So what do you all think? Has NeNe let fame go to her head? Are you going to support all her post-housewives business ventures? Would you watch a NeNe Leakes talk show?!? Oof. I’ll stick with Wendy Williams, thank you very much. “How you doooinnn?”

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