Nathan Griffith explains domestic violence arrest, calls it ‘ridiculous’

Nathan Griffith Jessica Henry arrest

In case you missed it, Jenelle Evans’ ex Nathan Griffith was back in jail this week after a warrant for his arrest was issued stemming from an alleged domestic violence incident involving his newer ex Jessica Henry over the weekend. Adding to Nathan’s legal woes, when police caught up with him, he was riding in a vehicle with three bottles of vodka. Oh, and of course he lied to the officers about his identity.

Anyone who has followed Teen Mom 2 headlines over the last couple years knows that when it comes to situations involving Jenelle, Newton’s Third Law of Drama applies: “For every action there is an equal but opposite explanation.” Such is the case this time too, as Nathan has since spoken out to give his side of the story and explain exactly what happened leading up to his arrest.

Nathan’s epic tale comes courtesy of Real Mr. Housewife (co-author of the forthcoming book by Amber Portwood’s fiance Matt Baier) and begins with an ominous premonition from Nathan’s mother, who was talking with Jessica just prior to everything breaking bad. “I like you Jessie, but I think right now you have ill intentions for Nathan,” Nathan recalls his mother telling Jessica. “All it takes is one argument and you’re going to set him up. I don’t feel safe for him up at your house at all.”

Nathan’s mother’s ominous foreshadowing did not prevent him from meeting up with Jessica at a sports bar on Sunday night. It was a fun time right up until Jessica wound up between the crotch of an “overweight and disgusting” guy. Wait, what? I’ll let Nathan explain:

I don’t know if she was drunk or what, but I felt she was sitting a little bit too close to this guy. I took pictures- the picture was of the guy with his legs spread and her chair in between his crotch- and sent it to her. She said I was acting ridiculous. I knew this guy was no threat, as he was overweight and disgusting, but still it was inappropriate and she looked too comfortable. When I sent her the picture, I said, “that doesn’t look appropriate, can you back off?”

It seems Jessica didn’t take too kindly to the accusations of being inappropriate and tensions escalated. “She started fighting with me and flipping out on stuff,” Nathan recalls. “I told her I didn’t want to argue. I’m tired of drama.”

So Nathan takes the high road and left the bar. But at some point he made a u-turn and took the low road back to the bar to see if Jessica wanted to talk. “No, get away from me,” Jessica said.

Nathan took the hint and once again left the bar. While driving (it’s unknown if he was partaking in spirits at the bar like Jessica) Nathan once again second guessed his seemingly wise decision. “On my drive home, I was thinking that maybe her and I could work something out,” he says, “so I went to her house.”

[I’m beginning to realize that drama often plays out much like the plot of a bad horror movie. If Nathan’s tale was on the big screen, everyone in the audience would be screaming at him “You idiot! Don’t go TO HER HOUSE!”]

All of Nathan Griffith mug shot photos from his arrests

Things get a little confusing here as Nathan states he goes to her house, but she’s not there because she is at a cookout. He then says “I came back and ended up waiting at her house.” I guess he went to her house, found out she was at a cookout, then left her house, and then came back later? Either way, on with the story…

“When she got back,” Nathan continues, “I knocked on the door.” Jessica answers the door and informs Nathan that they are done. “Are you sure?” Nathan asks. “All I want to do is talk. I just want to tell you how uncomfortable it looked.” Nathan adds: “I also told her it doesn’t take an hour and a half to cookout and asked to see her phone.”

[Movie audience: Don’t show him YOUR PHONE! What are you thinking?!]

“We have an open phone policy,” Nathan explains to the audience.

Jessica hands Nathan her phone and he sees that she had been texting a friend about some guy. (He doesn’t say if it is the “overweight and disgusting” guy from the bar.) Nathan says Jessica begins to push him and insists that he get out before she is forced to yell for her roommate Alex.

It seems Nathan didn’t heed the warning, and Jessica did begin to yell for Alex, and Alex came to the door as Nathan was leaving. “(As I was walking out) her roommate started laughing, telling us how we were both acting ridiculous, were both drunk, and should go to sleep and wake up in the morning and talk it out. I said, ‘That’s what I’m trying to say Alex. All I want to do is talk it out with her.’” (So it sounds like Nathan was drinking.)

Nathan leaves and reflects on Jessica’s flaws. “When she knows I give up or don’t want to be with her, that’s when she acts crazy and psychotic,” he says. “It’s really, really unfair to me.”

Nathan Griffith Jessica Henry quote

UPDATE – Jessica’s roommate Alex has since responded to Nate’s version of the story on Facebook, pointing out some glaring omissions:

I really really hate drama but let me set something straight.

Nate Griffith failed to mention the details of his story. He let himself into our home without consent from anyone when Jess wasn’t home. We keep the doors locked specifically because of his behavior. I guess someone forgot to lock it. He must have also forgotten the part in his story about having Jess pinned to her bed on top of her covering her mouth to keep her from yelling for my help. I asked him to leave and when he did he proceeded to bang on MY bedroom window cursing at me at 3am because I was showing Jess my cell phone as well as the side door windows holding her phone in his hands as incentive for her to go outside and speak with him. And that’s a very very short cleaner summarized version. God this is annoying.

UPDATE – Nathan and his brother Noah responded to Alex’s claims and both shared stories of Jessica allegedly being violent towards Nathan, including one time that Nathan says she “kicked me in the privates and caused my penis to bleed.” CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE LATEST.

Nathan later finds out that there is a warrant out for his arrest for domestic violence, and he is appalled at how quickly police responded to the allegations. “My warrant wasn’t even out less than 12 hours. It’s freaking ridiculous,” he laments. “When (the) Myrtle Beach crime rate- there’s armed robbery, there’s murder, attempted murder and stuff, and they want to get me like that? For like second degree domestic violence, when it shouldn’t have even been second degree domestic violence? It shouldn’t have been any charge. It’s just ridiculous.”

Not ridiculous are the claims made by police that Nathan gave them a false name. “That’s 100% true,” Nathan says. But remember Newton’s Third Law? “I told the cops they couldn’t search me,” Nathan explains. “They violated my rights and searched me anyway.” Nathan continues:

I told them my name was somebody else. They said, “Do you have any ID on you?’ I said, “I do, but you can’t search me.” Then the other cop came over and pulled my wallet out of my pocket. It was (in my opinion) an illegal search warrant. Cops treat me really dirty. They pinned me with the most severe charges they can because of my reputation (from Jenelle/Teen Mom).

Nathan goes on to say that he isn’t worried at all about the charges because “Jessie had no marks on her. No throat marks. Nothing.” Nathan says that despite not worrying about the charges, they are causing him a great deal of stress and money.

Be sure to check out Nathan’s FULL account of what went down HERE (there is a lot I left out in the recap above). And Real Mr. Housewife promises more from Nathan soon about his custody battle with Jenelle over their son Kaiser — which cannot be going that well for him at this point. Regardless of whether or not the domestic violence charge sticks, Nathan has pretty much confessed to lying to police — and of course having YET ANOTHER alcohol-related charge can’t be good either.

Stay tuned.

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