PHOTOS – RHNJ new castmate Kathy Wakile, Teresa Giudice’s cousin

Just because Danielle Staub got booted from Real Housewives of New Jersey doesn’t mean the series won’t still bring the table flipping. In fact, things might be more interesting now with two members of Teresa Giudice’s family added to the cast. We already know Teresa’s family is a sore point for her because of the outburst that happened during last season’s reunion when Daneille Staub brought up Teresa’s nephew.

Teresa was so incensed she even flung Andy Cohen down like he was Raggedy Andy and not her boss. Bravo producers were ready to deliver on this key interest point, so they rounded up Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, who is miffed about Teresa throwing her cookies in the trash, among other things, and Teresa’s cousin Kathy Wakile (who reportedly angers Teresa by “kissing Melissa’s ass” after Melisaa gets placed before her in a fashion show.

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. Bravo’s vice president of production Christian Barcellos doesn’t try to veil their intentions (there’s really no reason to try) telling”During the reunion last season, Teresa got very agitated about her ‘family.’ Viewers will get to learn what was really behind the outburst this season.”

Wakile has two children (Victoria, 17) and (Joseph, 15) with her husband of 19 years, Richard. Barcellos says that she is a fantastic cook, and even hints that she would be good enough to take on Bravo’s Top Chefs! Is that a dig at Teresa, who published a New York Times bestselling cookbook?

Here’s Kathy on the beach during a fight with Teresa:

Kathy Wakile New Jersey fighting with cousin Teresa Giudice

Teresa’s family really get into some crazy and emotional alterations in front of Bravo’s cameras this season. First of all, a first broke out between Teresa’s husband Joe and her brother Joe Gorga at Teresa’s nephew’s christening.

From excerpts of the preview, Teresa’s family doesn’t really have a strong liking for Joe Guidice (and neither does the public after they found out that he drove the family to bankruptcy by way of fraud and deception, and can’t seem to stay out of trouble with the law.

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