Mug shots prove two Virginia teens picked the wrong guys to rob

Gerald Allen Johnny Calderon mug shots

The two teenage criminals you see above thought it would be a good idea to try and rob some fellow citizens in Charlottesville, Virginia last week at gun point. From their rearranged faces in the booking photos it’s pretty obvious that they were very, very wrong.

When police arrived to detain Gerald Allen, 18 (L), and Johnny Calderon Jr., 19 (R), they discovered that the perpetrators caught the wrong end of the business and had them taken to the hospital before hauling them off to jail.

According to NBC29, via police sources, the unnamed (victims?) were University of Virginia students who got pretty dang cavalier in defending themselves. A later update noted that Calderon’s defense attorney stated that the men who, shall we say, “detained” the pair were not students.

Allen is facing a pair of attempted robbery charges. Calderon is facing four charges: two for attempted robbery, one for pointing a firearm and one for using a firearm in the commission of a felony.

The authorities also wanted to remind citizens that they do not encourage anyone to take matters into their own hands. I think the destroyed domes of Gerald and Johnny would concur wholeheartedly.

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