Mug Shot Hall of Shame: Mr. Adam Berndt

Mugshot of Adam Berndt

About a month ago 24-year-old Adam Berndt got into a shootout with U.S. marshals who were attempting to arrest him in Portland.

As the above mug shot would attest those Marshal dudes and dudettes are well trained and managed to shoot up Mr. Berndt something awful.  He was hit multiple times and has spent the last month in the hospital getting healthy so he could take the above mug shot and get his backside arrested, convicted and thrown in jail for a long time.

The marshals were after Berndt for shooting a homeless man, Steven McKnight, four times in Clark County, Washington.  As for the shootout with the law dogs, no marshals or bystanders were injured.

In summary; Mr. Berndt is now nominated for The Mug Shot Hall of Shame, wanted for attempted murder of a homeless man and U.S. marshals and just for good measure he is also wanted for parole violation.  He’s spent a month in the hospital all shot up and came out the other end looking like that.  Oooooof!

You know Berndt kind of looks familiar now that I think about it:

Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face and Adam Berndt

Perfect symmetry here.  Tommy Lee Jones is probably best known for his role as U.S. marshal Samuel Gerard in the film The Fugitive. The fugitive Adam Berndt comes out looking like Jones’ comical portrayal of Batman villain Two-Face after getting wounded by U.S. marshals.