New old mug shot photo of tanorexic mom Patricia Krentcil from April 2012 arrest

Tanning mom Patricia Krentcil

Patricia Krentcil, the infamously leather-faced 44-year-old “tanorexic” New Jersey mom who was arrested last week for allegedly taking her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning salon and allowing her to use a tanning bed, is apparently no stranger to the police booking camera! Due to her extensive time lounging in the pop culture tanning bed known as “the media spotlight,” another Patricia Krentcil mug shot photo has been uncovered from waaaaaay back in April 24, 2012. The picture was slow to surface because Patricia was still using her maiden name, which we believe is Silverstein, because the original charges dated back to 1999.

Ptaricia Krentcil mug shot photo when her name may have been Patricia Silverstein

Not too crazy! Patricia must have laid off the bronzer before heading down to the station that day.

The arrest was for a probation violation. We’re still not sure what the original charges were in 1999 that resulted in Patricia being put on probation, but officials at the Superior Court in Camden County say her probation has since been terminated.

Sadly, Patricia won’t be able to celebrate the termination of her probation with more GTL TTT because an ever-growing number of salons in her area are banning her from their locations! From Gather News:

Planet Sun Tanning Salon has gone so far as to post pictures of the tanning mom around their eight local shops. That’s to help employees avoid giving her entrance.

Other tanning businesses are quickly following suit. So far, Bodies in Heat, Body Works Salon and Sunset Tans have joined the cause. They’re instituting a strict, no-tan policy for Patricia.

I’m sure there will be a website by the end of the week accepting Paypal donations to help Patricia buy her own tanning bed.

Tanorexic mom Patricia Krentcil and her daughter

Human beings are a mysterious species.