PHOTOS Tom Hardy as Bane on set of Batman “The Dark Knight Rises”

Tom Hardy as Bane in Batman The Dark Knight Rises

Filming continues on Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated Batman sequel The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where a savvy photographer snapped these images of actor Tom Hardy as super-villain Bane.

Warner Brothers released an official studio shot of Hardy’s Bane back in May, which was a little earlier than expected due to some brighter-than-expected fans figuring out what was supposed to be a long, drawn-out viral marketing campaign to reveal the photo. Here is the resulting image:

Warner Bros. official studio picture of Tom Hardy as Bane from The Dark Knight Rises

Nolan’s Bane is a bit more subdued than his big screen predecessor from 1997’s much-maligned Batman & Robin played by actor Jeep Swenson:

Jeep Swenson as villain Bane in Batman & Robin

Hardy’s Bane is less “pro wrestler meets Tolkein orc” and more “Hannibal Lecter meets G.I. Joe:”

Tom Hardy in his Bane costume on set of The Dark Knight Rises

Wait – is that a grocery list?!? SERIOUS villain buzz kill!

In case you were wondering what the Bane of Batman’s existence is standing on, here’s a nice photo of the camouflage “tumbler” vehicle:

Camouflaged vehicle on the set of Batman The Dark Knight Rises

And here’s a looooooooooong last look at Tom Hardy as Bane:

Zoomed view of Tom Hardy in his Bane costume on set of The Dark Knight Rises

Photos: Jason Winslow / Splash News (For most of them you can click to see larger images)

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