MUG SHOT Don’t rob a gas station with a clear plastic mask

Mug Shot Wilnelia Caraballo

I figured I’d ease in to this Monday with another “Adventures From Florida” post. This time our sunshine state lady is 19-year-old Wilnelia Caraballo, who waltzed into a Kangaroo convenience store in Palm Bay, FL and tried to rob the place donning a clear plastic mask while brandishing a toy machine gun.

According to eye-witness accounts of this botched robbery, Wilnelia appeared to be intoxicated when she strolled into the store at around 5:30 AM. She made her way around the counter to the register while employees were in the back. A clerk who realized what was happening reacted beautifully by yelling out, “Palm Bay police! Get on the Ground!” Wilnelia complied and laid herself on the floor then tried to get up and high tail hop it out of the Kangaroo with what little dignity she had left.

Once again, she was no match for the clerks as one of them caught her and restrained her until police arrived.

You know I reside in Florida but I totally get why my home state has its own tab on Fark. This type of story doesn’t even surprise me anymore.

Here’s a submittal by singer Grant Peeples for the new state song I’d like to send out to Wilnelia and her, “Robbery, you’re doing it wrong” fail.

Mug Shot: Splash News

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