Morgan Freeman fires back at Zach Braff after he calls him a ‘fraud’


Zach Braff recently caused some controversy when he launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new movie he wants to create. Some, well many, felt as though he was abusing the website which aims to help people who don’t have the resources necessary to do it on their own raise money for their projects. While defending himself and his choices to launch the campaign, Zach spoke about the importance of being completely honest with fans. In doing so, he called out Morgan Freeman for allegedly speaking to fans only via his publicist.

“Some people just post sh*t and they don’t engage,” Zach said during the filmed explanation. “I actually love engaging with my fan base and they know that. They are smart they are not idiots. They like it. It’s a conversation. It’s not me saying, ‘Hey, check out my new make-up line.'”

Morgan Freeman recently held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session and afterwards, it was reported that it wasn’t actually him giving the answers. Instead, it was his publicist speaking for him — allegedly.

“People can smell bullish*t a mile away. Look at what happened when Morgan Freeman did that AMA on Reddit. I don’t know if people followed that, but there was a huge backlash because it was so clearly a film publicist just writing answers for Morgan Freeman whereas my AMAs, I don’t hold anything back. It’s called ‘Ask Me Anything.’ Ask me anything, I’ll answer it. And people know that. They like it. They engage with me — it’s a conversation. It’s not a monologue.”

Last night, TMZ caught up with Morgan who told them that messing with him was “not the best idea.”

In response to the Morgan Freeman controversy, Reddit had the following statement:

We were told Morgan Freeman would be answering the questions for the AMA himself (with someone in the room typing what he said) and we believe this to be the case. If we find out otherwise we will let the community know and this would be a HUGE violation of our trust as well as yours. It’s hard to imagine that a pr professional would go to such lengths to pretend to be their client in a public forum, but it’s not impossible.

Braff vs. Freeman… Who you taking?

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