90 DAY FIANCE Patrick Mendes first wife and wedding details (with timeline)

90 Day Fiance Patrick Mendes first wife

90 Day Fiance star Patrick Mendes revealed a little bit about his first marriage on the show, and we’re here to fill in the gaps with some additional information.

During his 90 Day Fiance debut, Patrick mentions his first marriage during his introduction. He reveals that he was an aspiring Olympic weight lifter living in Las Vegas. “I was in the gym 24/7 and that’s where I ended up meeting my first girlfriend, which then ended up becoming my first wife,” Patrick reveals.

“She was a weightlifter as well and I thought, you know, we were going to have this great life together,” Patrick continues. “But, before the 2012 Olympic games, I tested positive for HGH,” he adds. “A couple years later, I tested positive for dimethyl testosterone, another banned substance. And since it was my second offense, basically that ended my career.”

The ban not only greatly impacted Patrick’s professional life, but his personal one as well. “After my weight lifting career ended, it put a huge, huge divide in my relationship with my ex. She fell in love with the weight lifter, and so us not lifting together, being in the gym together, I think that’s when we started growing apart.”

Patrick says that the divide between the two of them continued to grow until “she asked for divorce and ended up moving out.”

Patrick Mendes First Marriage Timeline

Patrick’s first wife was working for the F.B.I. when she started getting into weightlifting in September of 2013 at the age of 22. Her first weightlifting coach was at the gym that Patrick was attending in Las Vegas, which means they likely met in late 2013.

As Patrick mentions on the show, he first tested positive for HGH in early 2012. His first suspension began in March of 2012. So, I assume Patrick and his first wife met during the time that he was training and preparing for his comeback after the two-year suspension was up.

The earliest photo that I could find of Patrick and his first wife together was posted online in June of 2014. It is the picture featured on the show in which she can be seen drinking from a brown bottle:

90 Day Fiance Patrick Mendes first wife photo

There were references on social media to Patrick and the woman being boyfriend and girlfriend in 2014. They apparently remained together for more than two years before filing their marriage license in January of 2017.

This part of the timeline doesn’t seem to line up exactly with what Patrick stated on the show. He tested positive for dimethyl testosterone in July of 2015, essentially ending his weightlifting career. He says that his 8-year suspension from the sport was what created the divide in his relationship, but the couple didn’t even get married until a year-and-a-half later.

I am guessing that Patrick remained focused on weightlifting, potentially even pursuing a career as a coach or a trainer. Then, he began to have success with sales and shifted his time and focus to that. It was this shift that I believe is what caused the rift with his wife.

Here is a photo of Patrick on the day of his first wedding:

90 Day Fiance Patrick Mendes wedding photo

And here is a photo of Patrick with his brother John, sister Tiffany, and brother Matthew just before the wedding:

90 Day Fiance Patrick Mendes wedding photo with brother John sister Tiffany and brother Matthew

Patrick and his first wife would move from Las Vegas to just outside of Austin, where they bought the house featured during Patrick’s early segments this season. The house was purchased in April of 2018. Patrick’s wife filed for divorce in January of 2020.

The couple reached an agreement in December of 2020 and the house was signed over to him shortly thereafter. Patrick opened up a home equity line of credit before selling the home in December of 2021. He and Thais then relocated to Dallas.

Update On Patrick’s First Wife

Patrick isn’t the only one who looks to be living out a happily ever after in the wake of his failed first marriage. His first wife recently got re-married in a lavish and beautiful ceremony in the couple’s old stomping grounds of Dripping Springs, Texas!

The groom is a body builder, but also a chef and restaurateur. The couple seems extremely happy together.

As far as work, Patrick’s ex-wife continues to do weight lifting. She is also the chief operating officer of a nutrition coaching business, the company she started working for after leaving the F.B.I.

If you’re wondering whether or not Patrick’s first wife will be at his wedding with Thais, I am assuming the answer is no because the ceremony will be in Florida. But who knows? I suppose we will all have to keep tuning in for new episodes of 90 Day Fiance to find out for sure!

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