How did Mohamed Hadid from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills make his millions?

Mohamed Hadid

Mohamed Hadid arrived on the scene a few years back when he appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as the ultra rich friend of Lisa Vanderpump. We knew little about him–except that he had an insanely extravagant mansion where Pandora’s held her engagement party.

Mohamed with Lisa

When Yolanda Foster later joined the cast, we found out that Mohamed is her ex-hubby. Together, they share three kids: Gigi, Bella, and Anwar. After the divorce, Yolanda moved on to marry David Foster and Mohamed eventually settled down with Shiva Safai.

Shiva and Mohamed

But we still needed to know: just how did Mohamed make his fortune?

It turns out that the answer is real estate. Mohamed is a big developer–and when we say big, we mean HUGE. His company, Hadid Design & Development Group, is responsible for the development of high-end properties all over the world, including Ritz Carlton Hotels in Washington, New York, Aspen, and Houston.

Mohamed also builds exquisite homes. Here are some of his recent projects, courtesy of the Hadid Design & Development Group website:

Hadid Prop

Hadid Prop

Hadid Prop

The homes Hadid builds are so extravagant that he was recently told by the LA Department of Building and Safety to stop adding on to an already-30,000 square foot Bel Air home.

Mohamed’s primary residence is a perfect example of his exquisite work. The sprawling home, aptly named Le Belvédère Estate, boasts 48,000 square feet of living space and required 1,000 men to build.

As you might imagine, Mohamed is quite proud of his home. It has its own website: The House of Hadid. You haven’t truly arrived until your mansion has its very own domain name. Here are a few pics from Le Belvédère Estate’s website:

MH House

MH House


Recently, Mohamed posted the picture below to Instagram, with this caption:


About to take a hot bath In #thehouseofhadid #hadidbath #hammam design with thousands of years of inspiration #islamic #Arabic #turkish #Moroccan #palastinian design created in a modern setting. Love my bath. Jasmine oil jasmine water with 97 degree water. Good night


MH House

Right, because everyone bathes this way… #BallerStatus

Interesting fact: despite his success as a real estate developer, on Twitter, he refers to himself first and foremost as a “TV Personality.”

Hadid Twitter





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