Michigan man sentenced to jail for having sex with his dogs on multiple occasions

Michigam man sentenced to 15 years for having sex with his pit bull

37-year-old convicted sex offender Kurtis Peterson has been sentenced to jail after he was found to have had sex with his pit bull and blue heeler at his Muskegon, Michigan apartment.

On Monday, Judge Timothy Hicks heard testimony about how Peterson was first discovered to have allegedly been committing his crimes by Joyce Yeaw in April 2012. Yeaw was attempting to return a set of keys to Peterson’s roommate when she witnessed a nude Peterson on his bed having intercourse with his blue heeler. Yeaw claims to have dialed 911 but no arrest was made at the time as he is said to have explained to the responding officer that he was, “just hugging his dog.”

In early June, Yeaw once again walked in on a naked Peterson again, and this time, he appeared to have been on the floor of his living room having sex with a pit bull. She called the police again and this time Peterson was arrested days later.

On March 8, Peterson plead no contest to, “the abominable and detestable crime against nature,” according to mlive.

Hicks went beyond state guidelines in his sentencing citing that the offender has not adjusted well to prison life as he’s received, “many complaints of unwanted and inappropriate touching.” It was Hicks’ belief that Peterson is at a high risk of becoming a repeat offender and he believes any additional time he can remain under supervision is a good thing for the community.

Even with the stiffer penalty of 1 to 15 years in jail, Peterson is likely to receive parole consideration soon as he’s already spent over 300 days in confinement.