Samantha Birkitt diary secrets: She cheated on Halderman with Letterman


Samantha Birkitt’s diary is full of secrets Robert Halderman didn’t want to read, the NY Post reavels (via PopEater). Although earlier reports claim Birkitt and Letterman’s relationship ended before his son Harry was born in 2003, they’ve had romantic getaways as recent as last fall.

Here’s some of the juicy details:

  • Birkett left Halderman at home in Conneticut to join Letterman on romantic hikes at his ranch in Montana last fall (the same ranch where he wed wife Regina Lasko this March)
  • Birkett told Halderman that the relationship was strictly platonic and argued that she was Letterman’s “best friend”
  • After Birkett finished law school in 2008, Letterman offered her a job as his personal lawyer
  • Letterman would frequently drive Birkett home to Halderman’s house before heading home to Regina in Westchester

Halderman discovered Birkitt’s diary in December 2008, and decided to use it in a blackmail plot against Letterman after Halderman and Birkitt broke up for good this August. Halderman’s lawyer, Gerald Shargel, is argued on The Early Show that his client is innocent, asking the public to “not rush to judgment.” Interestingly enough, Shargel also noted “I’m not saying he didn’t take the check.”

If is looks like blackmail, smells like blackmail, takes the $2 million check like blackmail . . . .

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