Mel Gibson allegedly threatened to kill Oksana, baby Lucia, Oksana’s son Sascha, and himself in a suicide-murder plot

Hand in hand on the red carpet with controlled smiles and loving exchanges, Mel Gibson and Oksana reveal no signs of the dysfunction and disorder in their relationship. However, recent reports have shed light on the true nature of their relationship, which was shrouded in scandal from it s beginning until it s violent and bitter end. These archived pictures show the couple throughout their  Fame Pictures, Inc

Today the extent of Mel Gibson’s physical and emotional brutality towards ex-girlfriend Oskana Grigorieva became more shocking, if that’s even possible.

Radar reports that a source in the house that night alleges Mel Gibson threatened to kill Oksana, their baby Lucia, Oksana’s son Sascha, and himself on January 6, the night of the alleged domestic violence incident. Thankfully everyone made it through that night alive, but while Oksana was holding baby Lucia was reportedly punched twice in the head and choked with Mel’s forearm.

Mel punched her in the mouth and then again in the side of the head,” the source told

She was holding Lucia and the force of the punches caused her to fall backwards onto the bed.

Mel placed one of his forearms into Oksana’s neck and began choking her. He took his free hand and pushed it over her mouth and she struggled to breathe. She struggled and begged him to stop.

He finally let her go, but then pulled out a gun and threatened to kill everyone!

Mel has soon serious issues and needs a lot of help sorting them out. The tapes that have been leaked to RadarOnline may not be admissible in any court cases concerning these two because California law makes it illegal to secretly record a phone conversation with someone, but they have been presented to the court of public opinion and the result is devastating. On one of the tapes he admits to punching Oksana while she held their baby daughter Lucia, saying ” You f*cking deserved it!”