Meet Heather Pond of Love in the Wild

Heather Pond

Until I saw the preview for NBC’s latest reality dating show I thought I’d experienced some “love” in the wild but I was wrong. I’ve been profiling the fine ladies of NBC’s Love in the Wild, a combination of The Bachelor and Survivor that takes 10 sexy young women and men and dumps their butts into the jungles of Costa Rica. Once they’re all Tom Hanksified stranded they pair up to not only win contests but to hopefully find romance.

Next up on our profilin’ of the stylin’ gals of this new show is 26-year-old public relations professional Heather Pond, a lovely and delicious San Francisco treat!

According to Heather’s Facebook fan page she was raised in Sonoma, California but currently resides in San Francisco. She’s all about her family and friends and according to the brief info provided by NBC Heather is a no no-nonsense woman who will do what it takes to find love. In fact she once ran a marathon just to win a box from Tiffany’s!

Here’s her first video from Costa Rica before the filming started followed by a transcript of some of the highlights:

“Hi, I’m Heather, I currently live in San Francisco, California. I’m from Sonoma. I’m 26-years old. I work for a public relations firm and I’m here for some adventure and hopefully some love along the way. I’m here to have fun and I would definitely love to find love. I think if the chemistry is right hopefully the sparks will fly and we’ll see what happens.

I’m single. I’m dating but definitely nobody serious and I think I’m ready to be in a serious relationship and ready to take the next step. I’m looking for somebody with a great personality. At the end of the day I just want to laugh and have fun. Obviously good looks and success help with that but I think personality is the most important. If they don’t believe in a higher power I definitely think that’s a deal breaker for me. I hope there’s some hotties in the house, some cute looking guys.”

Speaking of hotties, here is a great profile photo courtesy of her fan page. Makes me feel like doin’ a little “pond” fishin’ amirite?

Heather Pond Love in the Wild

Good luck to Heather in her quest for love and money or at least a bunch of hotties. To catch up on my other lovely ladies in the wild you can head over here.

Photos: Trae Patton/NBC