VIDEO Miley Cyrus rushed by fan on stage in Melbourne

Live shot of Miley Cyrus from her Melbourne show

During last night’s concert in Melbourne, Australia pop singer Miley Cyrus was bum rushed by an overzealous female fan. The moment was a scary one that left Miley proclaiming, “Oh my God!” but the young woman only wanted to show her affection with a half-hug. This show of kindness was not met well by Miley’s security team as a well dressed man dismissed the intruder and quickly rushed Miley off the stage.

Here is the clip from when the rush happens. Miley is singing her ballad “The Climb” (she has some great vocals in this performance BTW) The intrusion happens at around the 3:54 mark of the video:

Obviously no one was harmed but it was still quite an intimidating moment for Miley. She came back out and finished her set like a pro even sharing with the crowd her great sense of humor. She stated after finishing the song “See You Again” that:

“I’ve never been so glad that I have young fans. (Miley then points up pretty high) She jumped from like the top row on to me like that (Miley lets out a hearty laugh). Then she proclaimed, “This next song is for all my crazy fans out there that are so awesome.”

Way to handle the frightening situation with dignity and class Miley. I’m impressed!