Maybe Alexis Bellino should hire nannies again!

Real Housewives of OC newbie Alexis Bellino and husband Jim have been using their new-found fame to attend bikini parties in Las Vegas and California nonstop this summer. The last party they attended at The Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, CA, however nearly ended in disaster according to TMZ.

Sources at the party saw the Bellinos leave a stroller containing their two-year-old twin daughters Melania and Mackenna near a pool and watched it roll into the pool!

There were lots of people in the pool (see pic above) and a lifeguard on duty, so the kids weren’t in too much danger. A lifeguard reportedly pulled the stroller (which contained one of the girls) out of the water, and Jim Bellino dove in to rescue the second girl.

Jim’s report of the situation conflicts with TMZ’s source, he claims that no lifeguard was needed. Either way, their babies ended up in the water and could have drowned!

Back in May Alexis Bellino parted with her nannies (her story: they were fired, their story? they quit that b!tch), but maybe she should consider hiring new ones so she and Jim can party hard and scandal free.