VIDEOS Maci Bookout special ‘Being Maci’ to air on MTV August 18

Maci Bookout MTV special Being Maci with Bentley

Rumors that Teen Mom star Maci Bookout was getting her own spin-off series have been circulating for what seems like years, thanks in part to Maci’s rather coy responses to the rumors as well as several photos of her with camera crews in tow. As it turns out, the rumors weren’t completely false because MTV and Maci just announced she will be getting an hour-long special titled “Being Maci” that will catch fans up on her and breakout superstar Bentley’s life since the Teen Mom cameras stopped rolling.

Here’s the official announcement from Maci and Bentley via MTV:

Bentley’s still got the charm! I love it when Maci asks him if he remembers what the title of the show is and his unsure response was “Being Mama?”

Here’s another video announcement from Maci posted on keek:

And here’s a brief synopsis from MTV Remote Control Blog:

The one-hour show will follow 21-year-old Maci in Chattanooga, Tennessee as she spends time with friends, sorts through local drama and, of course, takes care of her main man, five-year-old Bentley. In the video below, she and her son (who is so big now we’re half-expecting him to start driving soon) announce it proudly. And where do Ryan and Maci stand these days? Well, when Ryan’s GF, Dalis, storms off after a fight, he and Maci find themselves in familiar, flirty territory.

Hmmmm… Ryan and Dalis? They broke up back in December, right? I remember those rumors that Maci and Ryan were rekindling their romance after that photo of them at a party together popped up online! Oh man – I really do miss Maci, Bentley and Ryan! Hurry up August 18!

“Being Maci” (I would have called it “Being Bentley,” but that’s just nit-picking) will air at 10/9c after an all-day 16 & Pregnant marathon starting at noon on August 18. So if you’re all about the young mothers of MTV you might wanna go ahead and ask for that day off now!

Then, if you’re still looking for a Maci fix, you can catch her doing the Teen Mom 3 after shows on beginning right after the back-to-back premiere episodes on August 26 at 10/9c!

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