LOVE DURING LOCKUP Are Rick and Samantha divorced?

Love During Lockup Rick and Samantha

More than 40 years after graduating, Love During Lockup couple Rick and Samantha had a whirlwind rekindling of their high school romance. Making their story even more remarkable is the fact that Samantha was serving time in prison when they got back in touch!

Despite some red flags, Rick followed through on his plans to marry Samantha. The two made it official at an Idaho courthouse during a brief window of time that Samantha was allowed to leave her re-entry center.

The courthouse ceremony was captured by WE tv cameras, as was Rick’s departure with his uberest of Uber drivers, Ricardo.

Did Rick divorce Samantha? Are they still married?

As soon as Rick tied the knot with Samantha, he began to have doubts about his decision. Were the doubts enough to motivate him (or Samantha) to file for a divorce? Or maybe even an annulment?

Starcasm can exclusively reveal that Rick officially filed for divorce in his home state of Arizona in February. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but he actually filed the paperwork on Valentine’s Day!

There have been several docket entries in the case, including a response file by Samantha on May 15. The divorce has yet to be finalized and the case is still open. There is a resolution management conference scheduled for July 22.

Starcasm will continue to check in on the case and will update this post if/when the divorce is finalized.

Rick and Samantha’s previous marriages

Rick and Samantha’s marriage was not the first for either of them.

I was able to find two divorce filings for Rick — one in 1995, and the other in 2009.

Researching Samantha’s legal history, both civil and criminal, was quite the rabbit hole! Starcasm previously shared details about her criminal history, including multiple DUIs.

When looking into Samantha, I found legal documents suggesting she has used five different last names. I didn’t do a thorough civil search, but I did see two divorce filings — one in 2009, and the other in 2011.

Has Samantha been released?

Rick mentions on the show that Samantha is likely to be released not long after their wedding. However, something must have come up to delay her release date.

According to the Idaho Department of Corrections, Samantha is currently still in custody at a Community Reentry Center in Boise, Idaho.

The Idaho DOC website does not list a projected release date for Samantha. She has a “sentence satisfaction date” of October 27, 2018. That is the date that her full prison sentence will have been served, regardless of parole.

The DOC also lists a parole hearing date of March, 2024. There is no specific day or result listed.

As with Rick and Samantha’s divorce case, we will continue to monitor her custody status!

Meanwhile, be sure to see how Rick and Samantha’s not-so-happily ever after plays out on screen by tuning in to the Love During Lockup season finale airing tonight at 9/8c on WE tv!

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