Little People, Big World’s Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff separate

Little People Big World - Matt Roloff - Amy Roloff

After 26 years of marriage, Little People, Big World‘s Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff have separated.

“Though we have weathered many storms together, we recently made the tough decision to engage in a trial separation,” Matt and Amy told People in a joint statement. “Matt remains living on the farm in our guest house and we work together everyday on the farm, on our business endeavors and, most importantly, raising our amazing children.”

Matt and Amy, who both have forms of dwarfism, have four children: twins Jeremy and Zach, 23, Molly, 20, and Jacob, 17. (Of the children, only Zach has dwarfism.) A new Little People, Big World special is scheduled to air on TLC next Tuesday.

In a preview clip titled “Burnt Out,” Matt and Amy can’t agree on goals.

“Amy and I don’t see eye-to-eye on anything. We have different business terminologies that we use,” Matt said. “We just clash on about every decision possible.”

In another preview clip, Matt and Amy speak more directly about the separation.

“I think what Matt and I failed to do over many, many years is learned to live together,” Amy said. “It’s not my choice for him to leave. I am saddened by it. We don’t have a plan as far as how we are going to work this out so it’s not going to be easy.”

The couple added to People that they “sincerely appreciate the unwavering support, understanding and prayers from our family, friends and many fans.”

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