Listen to Lady Gaga’s newest song: gay anthem “Born This Way”

Lady Gaga’s much anticipated new song “Bong This Way” was released today, and it’s definitely a feel-good 90s synth parade-fueler borrowing heavily from Madonna. Listening to it makes me picture myself in a 80s chick-flick clothes-shopping montage, a drag show, or a gay pride parade. All these scenarios are fun, but the song still doesn’t seem to measure up to the infectious tracks from The Fame and The Fame Monster (Love Game, Poker Face, Bad Romance.)

I’m all about inspiring people, especially those on the fringes, but if you’re going to be courageous about letting your freak flag fly, it has to be, at least little freaky. Also, as James St. James (via points out, is a song really a gay anthem if you proclaim that it’s a gay anthem beforehand? What do you think?

The Born This Way full album is out May 23. Pre-order here.