VIDEO Lady Gaga uses profanity on SNL, not in deep s**t

Lady Gaga drops the S-bomb on Saturday Night Live during her performance of Paparazzi

Saturday Night Live is now 0-for-2 on censoring profanity this season! Last week they missed Jenny Slate’s F-Bomb and this week Lady Gaga became Lady Caca when she let the s**t word fly during her performance of “Paparazzi.”

Luckily, only ears and souls on the east coast suffered the horrifyingly vile assault as the rest of the country received the customary “bleep.” And what will be the punishment for SNL and NBC for defiling the purity of those human souls unfortunate enough to live in the eastern time zone?


That’s right – nothing. It seems the shibbit bomb happened after 10 PM and that puts the network and show in the clear. Here’s how the FCC words it: “Indecent or profane speech that is broadcast between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. is not actionable.”

As a resident of the east coast, I only have one thing to say… “Suck it west coast! Nyah nyah!! We got profanity and you didn’t! In your face!”

What? Oh right – the video…

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