LINKS! Cleave-tastic Irina Shayk, Orlando Bloom’s penis, The Pope and Trump…

Cleave-tastic Irina Shayk 1

DLISTEDNicki Minaj and Nas have Queens in common, also are are maybe possibly dating

REALITY TEATeresa Giudice and Joe Gorga have a new perspective on life after prison, along with their own pizza parlor

JEZEBELTom Cruise will star in the Top Gun sequel and I would have sworn he was a lot older than 54

CELEBITCHYDonald Trump gave Pope Francis copies of MLK’s books during their Vatican visit, which is sort of like giving a bodybuilder more protein powder, but at least he didn’t give the Pope The Art of the Deal?

THE BLEMISHOrlando Bloom’s magical penis possesses the power to get waitresses fired

VOXVermonters eager to smoke up legally will have to wait a little bit longer

CELEBSLAMIrina Shayk had some dress with her cleavage at Cannes

LAINEY GOSSIPSpeaking of Cannes, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s PDA crossed the border into full-on love territory

UPROXXHere’s what James Hetfield of Metallica had to say about Chris Cornell’s suicide

(Photo credit: Cleave-tastic Irina Shayk via Instagram)

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