LHHATL Pregnant Joseline Hernandez posts baby bump proof from doctor’s office in silky slip dress

Joseline Hernandez pregnant doctor's office

Joseline Hernandez is still pregnant and still trying to prove it to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans. The Puerto Rican princess told so many wild stories in recent months that most fans didn’t believe her pregnancy announcement at first. In fact, many thought the Season 5 LHHATL reunion show surprise was just another ratings stunt, or even an attempt at getting revenge on Stevie J. Now, the Puerto Rican princess is posting more receipts, and it’s getting harder to deny that growing belly isn’t full of baby Joseline!

The most recent batch of baby bump pics were taken in what looks like a doctor’s office bathroom, as evidenced by that little silver door and stack of cups right over the toilet. (Any woman who has been pregnant knows those cups all too well.)


In the new photos, posted on Saturday, Joseline opted for an all white silk slip dress, leaving little to the imagination and showing off her growing belly. The reality show fashionista certainly stuck her nose up at normal maternity gear and opted for a much sexier look, complete with full makeup, hair, and accessories.

With some of the older Instagram pictures, Joseline left a lot of haters questioning whether or not she was really pregnant. In the oldest baby bump pictures, posted by Joseline’s trainer, her itty bitty bump looked like she’d just eaten a big meal, and many LHHATL fans wondered if she was just sticking out her stomach.

Joseline has maintained throughout her pregnancy that Stevie J is the father, even though the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta couple is officially broken up. Even those who believed she was pregnant from the beginning have been guessing who else might have fathered the child, which Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Nikki Mudarris recently reported is a girl. The top guesses so far are Young Dro, who is rumored to be joining the LHHATL crew, or possibly an Atlanta strip club owner. No one really knows the truth yet, and we can only imagine that Joseline plans on keeping fans in suspense about her baby daddy for as long as possible.

Is there still any question about whether or not the LHHATL star is pregnant? Even though I tend to believe Joseline Hernandez is really pregnant this time around, I want to see more receipts, if only to see more of Joseline’s maternity wear choices!