Leah Calvert denies pilfering Ali’s $50K bank account, suggests Corey Simms’ family is behind the report


Yesterday, a new article alleged that Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Calvert wiped out daughter Ali Simms’ $50,000 bank account for her own needs. According to the “source” who shared the rumor, Leah purposefully targeted Ali’s bank account so she could explain the money was taken for medical reasons if she ever got caught.

“Leah has made a lot of bad decisions [financially] and is strapped for cash big time,” the insider said. “She’s selfish now. She only cares about herself.”

After the report was published, it didn’t take long for Leah to come out swinging — and she seemed to suggest Corey Simms’ family was behind the report.

The way I read those tweets, it looks like Leah’s pointing the finger at Corey’s family, considering they would be the only ones able to view Ali’s bank account.

So far, none of the Simms have responded to the report or Leah’s tweets. However, after Leah criticized Corey and Miranda Simms’ marriage last week, Miranda retweeted “for Corey second time was a charm” and added an “Amen!” to a tweet that said “Y’all keep doing the right thing, the truth ALWAYS comes out…”

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