Lamar Odom charged with DUI


As the dust of rumors and speculation continue to cloud and cover Lamar Odom, the latest news about the NBA player and husband of Khloe Kardashian doesn’t bode well.

Odom was officially charged with 1 count of DUI today in Los Angeles stemming from an incident back on Aug 30. During that arrest Odom flunked several field sobriety tests. After being handcuffed and taken to jail he refused a blood alcohol test.

Sources connected to local law enforcement officials told TMZ that they believed he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, further fueling the speculation that the baller is on a bad downward spiral.

If Odom gets convicted the likely outcome would be an alcohol education course and probation because he’s a first-time offender. Lamar’s arraignment will be on Sept 27.

Photo: WENN

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