Kode Magazine claims Lindsay Lohan slammed vodkas, bragged about affair in April interview

Lindsay Lohan Kode Magazine

Just hours after Lindsay Lohan’s bombshell miscarriage revelation on the finale Lindsay on OWN, Kode Magazine has published an interview during which the starlet bragged about dating a rich married guy and unabashedly sipped vodka in front of the reporter. The problem is, Lindsay’s reps say the entire story is fabricated.

Based on similarities in the stories from Lindsay’s people and the Kode Magazine editors, here are the facts: Lindsay did a photoshoot for the magazine’s grand relaunch edition. She then responded to a handful of questions via email.

As the Kode people tell it, Lindsay later agreed to meet with a reporter who uses the alias “The Kurator” during Coachella. The Kurator observed that, during that discussion, Lindsay sipped from a glass of vodka on the rocks.

“From this moment, all questions of sobriety seem irrelevant,” The Kurator said in the story, which was released in Kode Magazine‘s digital edition today.

Implying her lips were loosened by liquor, The Kurator said Lindsay bragged she was taking a private jet back from the music festival. She was quoted as saying, “Oh this guy I’m seeing sent me a jet because he wants to see me… But he’s married with kids.”

When the interview ended, The Kurator said Lindsay walked off with siblings Ali, Cody and Michael Lohan while holding a “vodka filled Evian bottle in hand.”

Lindsay Lohan Kode Magazine

After the interview was published, Lindsay’s representatives immediately went on the defensive, accusing The Kurator of fabricating the entire meeting.

“Lindsay never spoke to any journalist at Kode. The interview was completed via email,” Lindsay’s rep told E! News today. “We have no comprehension on why a journalist would fabricate this content and distribute it in such an irresponsible way.”

Kode‘s editor-in-chief Allan Troy Watson fired back, saying he has “sworn testimonies that it took place that back up everything.”

If the interview was falsified, it could have series repercussions for the fledgling publication: The content would almost certainly quality as libel, meaning Lindsay would have grounds for a lawsuit.

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