Kim Richards’ ex-husband & best friend Monty Brinson dies from cancer

Monty Brinson and Kim Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards’ ex-husband and “best friend” Monty Brinson has passed away after a very long struggle battling cancer.

Kim was married to Monty from 1985-1988, and he is the father of Kim’s oldest daughter, Brooke. Kim and Monty have remained close, and their friendship grew even stronger over the past couple years.

Here is a throwback photo of Kim and Monty from the 1980s:

Kim Richards and Monty Brinson throwback photo

Monty moved in with Kim in 2014 and she has provided support and care for him throughout his battle with cancer. The two have exchanged innumerable inspirational message to and about each other on social media, and Monty seemed to maintain a positive and humorous attitude throughout his medical difficulties.

Just three days ago Monty shared this next text graphic along with a request from those who follow him to send him “a short message of a time we spent together that you will not forget about us and our friendship:”

Back in November, Kim shared this happy birthday message to Monty:

A photo posted by Kim Richards (@kimrichards11) on

Kim’s caption:

Monty … Happy BD?❤️… Star light?Star bright ? first Star I see Every night … Always know [you’re] in My Heart?❤️I love you so much. We have come so far , let’s keep it going .I’m right by your side forever! I wish for you happiness ,courage , peace ,laughter ,love , strength and Every [dream] you’ve EVER DREAMED OF!!!! ❤️?
xxoo me


Just prior to Monty’s passing, Kim responded to an outpouring of support from fans on Twitter:

As further evidence of Monty’s unassailable positivity and appreciation for life, he shared this post after being admitted to the hospital in December:

I have had two set backs in the the last months. I’ll explain in upcoming post. I’m in the hospital. First of all the fight with lung cancer I’m beating that fight. The set backs concern life or death. Another battle I’m fighting I’m not a quitter and no matter what you go through don’t be a quitter. No matter your situation, A minster Walked into my room out of nowhere. Asked me if I would like to talk about Life and Death, I said no, cause I’m not scared of death I choose life lll just dig down inside and get all my energy and fight back at this setback. So I will be celebrating Christmas in the hospital this year. Tomorrow I’m going to get Christmas Tree sent to my room and celebrate life. The I’m going to decorate my room like a fine resort. I’m going to make the best of it. I’ll try to get back to phone calls and messages when able. I’ll be fine and o would like to thank everyone from all around the world for the prayers and emails I received,, it made my heart stronger and I’ve felt that much love in my heart. And My friends family I thankful for everything , love to each and everyone of you i don’t know how my story will end but I know I’ve been loved all my life and I’ve loved back just as hard to make others happy In my life. Sweet dreams to all. Enjoy every day life is life is beautiful. If I wrote s book about my life people would be fiction but it wouldn’t be, I’ve done I’ve done it I’ve had I’ve had it. Just a little country boy searching the world for love no matter the future I hope everyone can find love in there hearts there’s no room hatred. Love Monty


And another message from last week:

Today is a great day for me as I do wish for everybody to be surrounded by angels all morning, afternoon and evening. Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer then the few setbacks along the way have been encouraging and inspiring. What’s made me is the love and kindness from around the world that t I have touched. I hope their is enough time left in me to write my experience with love kindness. My story is about how to embrace life no matter what you face life or death and if I can change one person ‘s life it’s been all worth it. I get such joy making others happy when then they are down. I wish I could tell the stories that I have done for when down and the people that have helped me when I was down but it’s on our hearts great memories. Love you all. Honestly I don’t know yet how long I have left but my heart thanks each one of you and through this journey of mine it’s been incredible. For the the one’s who know me but the ones who don’t know me ask me any question regarding my journey and i will answer it also any question you would like to know about me personally I will answer answer back as long as it only has to do with me and is not in appropriate. This will be fun. And to ever person friends family that have enter my life every secret anything thing personal in your life dies with me and will be in heaven I was a true friend to each and everyone of you and thank you for being my friend you created me my heart feels whole once again thank you for the love and tonight looking forward to answering the questions also my friends who have funny stories about us write them down make me laugh.


Rest in peace, Monty.

UPDATE – Kim Richards and many other family members and friends have shared touching remembrances of Monty on social media. Click here to read a collection of some of them, including Kim, sister Kyle, niece Paris hilton, co-star Brandi Glanville, and more.

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