Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas wedding photos

Why did Cynthia Bailey marry Peter Thomas?

Despite the fact that Cynthia Bailey’s entrepreneur fiance Peter Thomas’s Uptown Supper Club unceremoniously closed its doors and left the couple in a financial (and emotional) lurch, the Cynthia Bailey-Peter Thomas wedding happened.

The weird thing about the sudden (although it probably wasn’t as sudden as Peter wants Cynthia to believe) financial straits the couple found themselves in was the way Peter broke the news. It dawned on Cynthia that she might not get her dream wedding, and also that a business that she had invested thousands of her own money in had tanked. Understandably, she was a little upset. That’s the normal reaction when someone’s partner(both business and life) drops a huge financial bomb on you out of nowhere, but Peter responded to her reaction with protestations and told her, ominously “I’ll never tell you anything again.”

That’s a fantastic way to enter into a marriage, with the knowledge that your husband will withhold all information from you that might make you upset. If it’s more bad financial news, that means he won’t mention anything until you get kicked out of your home “Peter, why doesn’t my key open the door?” “Oh, yeah, that’s because we got foreclosed on. The bank must have changed the locks.” “You mean we don’t have a house anymore?” “I can’t tell you anything!” (If he’s taking a lesson from Joe Guidice’s book, he might even forge your name on loan and bankruptcy documents, just to save you some heartache.)

So, we have this situation, which prompted Cynthia to break down in tears during a Housewives trip to Miami, when Kandi asked about her honeymoon.

All this happened, but Cynthia still married Peter Thomas on July 24, 2010 at the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta with a backdrop of dinosaurs. There was a gossip item this summer that Nene Leakes caused the wedding to be delayed because she showed up late and engaged in diva behavior, but the previews suggest that the wedding guests had to wait while Cynthia psyched herself up for her matrimonial journey.

Ultimately, Cynthia is happy with her choice to marry Peter, but she still wants the loan she gave to help Uptown Supper Club back.  She told AOL Black Voices:

“I support Peter’s vision and who he is. I supported his decision. I didn’t say I was going to partner with him. I said, ‘Oh you need this? I am going to give you that.’ It was a business transaction. That was his thing, and I was doing my thing. I thought no matter how much I was in love, I need to get my money back and they didn’t have anything to do with each other. I may be 60 and say, ‘Are you going to give me that money back from Uptown from 30 years ago?’ When you say I need to borrow it, it’s a loan. A loan is a loan. Nothing changed we just got married. I still want it back.”

She told Life & Style about how she feels about her decision:

I felt 100 percent sure when I got ready to walk down the aisle,’ Cynthia told Life & Style, adding, ‘Peter is the one. ‘It was an incredibly emotional day. It was exactly the day I wanted, and we couldn’t be happier!’

Hopefully Peter learns something from this experience, and will now treat Cynthia with respect, both in business and in their personal lives.

Who designed Cynthia Bailey’s grey wedding gown?

Rubin Singer designed Cynthia’s unconventional-but-gorgeous gunmetal grey wedding gown. She’s a stunning woman, and this dress looks like it was made for her. Who knew that a big ol’ bow coming out of the side of your neck could be so elegant and chic?

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